After watching Yoga Lin, we were together.

After watching Yoga Lin, we were together.
It was not easy to find you in those days.

in addition to Zhang Jingshi and VIVI, there are many couples also went to listen.

he glared at me and asked me, "Why don't you listen?" Lin Yoga's concert is for single dogs like you who have a spare tire for ten thousand years. "

and last night, after I was brushed by Yoga Lin in my moments, I remembered a lot of things.

Lin Yoga's concert is actually more suitable to listen to with important people.

some people are stubborn and unwilling to admit their sadness.

some people run away and are unwilling to accept the "impossible" truth.

some people are persistent and unwilling to give up the person they don't like.

the weak side of emotion, almost all have been stubborn, evaded, and persistent. many of Lin Yoga's songs, you will unconsciously think of a lot of things when you listen and sing.

as he spoke, he comforted the listeners.

"maybe you're the only one who knows me, so you didn't escape."

I remember that your name was shown at that time, and she asked me if it looked good.

but in the end, I didn't go to see the movie with her.

during that time, I never learned how to take care of each other. The helpless place is that now I seem to have learned, but will no longer contact.

I don't know whether to be happy that she remembers my words or sad that she has found someone important. But I know it's really time to move on.

I just didn't expect to go to KTV later, but I kept singing Yoga Lin's songs.

the other song is "I have dared to think of you": "I have been in peace with memories. I am not insensitive or forced to forget."

then I heard "to you late": "one day you will find me in the dim lights, waiting for a long time". When I learned that Lin Yoga proposed successfully, I suddenly began to have hope and thoughts to wait for the next person.

from the beginning to the final release;

every stage, there is Yoga Lin.

now I would also say that Yoga Lin's concerts should also be seen with important people.

his songs record how you are lovelorn, how to get out of it, and how to muster up the courage to find new and important people.

but again, we will move on and continue to meet a lot of people.

meeting is the result, while searching is the process.

"after all, it wasn't easy to find you in those days."

Music | three times.

Wang Zepeng

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