I have studied for 16 years and have never seen such a teacher.

I have studied for 16 years and have never seen such a teacher.
Be a teacher and a bitch.

the day before yesterday was teacher's Day. I saw them post their students' wishes in their moments. Cards and notes were crooked with "you are the best and most beautiful teacher I have ever had." even across the screen, I couldn't help but feel happy for them.

in the eyes of many older people, this is one of the best occupations with their own halo. Becoming a teacher is like being labeled as moral and educated.

but listen, only to find that there are moments when some teachers are disappointing.

after listening to those stories, I am sure that some teachers do not deserve to be called teachers.

"they may not know that students also need to be respected."

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No one dared to disobey her, who had always been fierce, and the classroom was as quiet as it should be, leaving only the sound of pen and paper rubbing.

at that time, the eyes of the whole class were fixed on the boy, and he was too scared to speak for a while.

the boy walked forward reluctantly with his head drooping. After being whipped twice by a feather duster, he stood on the edge of the podium.

then he had to point timidly to another boy. Under the teacher's eyes, he completed the handover ceremony of the penalty station, and the new boy received two whips as usual.

coincidentally, when I finished my homework and looked up, I happened to see the boy's hand pointing at me.

I thought the farce would be over soon, but as soon as I got to the podium, I was badly whipped and yelled, "it's shameless for a girl to be so unloving."

I am very timid and don't know what to do. I can only stand where I am and keep crying. At her urging, he gently hit himself twice in the face with his hand.

No one responded.

somehow, this time I slapped myself in the face with all my strength and slapped myself twice, which made my ears hurt a little.

the moment I returned to my seat, the bell rang. Everyone is used to it, as if nothing had happened, but I can't do it.

@ A Li

in high school, because she had a good relationship with her deskmate, she would often talk and pass notes in class. One day she was seen by the head teacher, and she was called into the office after class.

she asked, "what do you mean by a bad classmate?"

know this, in fact, I do not care much, after all, in the eyes of the teacher, I am not a good student. Moreover, everyone will not alienate me because of the teacher's eyes, so he fined me to write a review of 1500 words, and I accepted it.

at first, she enthusiastically delivered milk every day, then pinched her face from time to time, and then expressed her love verbally.

but things are getting more and more skewed. one day after school, the head teacher stayed in her class and commented on the exercises while using her hands to walk around her back and shoulders.

I don't know how such words come from the mouth of a "teacher".

although I have been risking retaliation, I have no regrets.

@ Big Chicken Steak: when I was reading extracurricular books in high school, he tore the "once below Zero" book to pieces in front of me.

@ Xiao Jiuai stayed up late: my grades in primary school were not very good, and the teacher always felt that I was holding back the key classes. satirize me in front of the whole class every day, and often curse my family with vicious words. As soon as I do something wrong, I throw my schoolbag downstairs and ask me to pick it up myself.

but similarly, after 16 years of study, we have seen very few teachers.

imparting knowledge is just a profession to them, just as doctors make a living by saving lives.

after all, there are all kinds of people in this world, some are vicious, some are stupid, some are defiant, and some are indifferent to right and wrong.

if it were not for an accidental solicitation, I had no idea that this kind of harm was much more than I thought.

after interviewing the reader yesterday, I asked her: "do you still hate her after so long?"

before I could reply, she added: "in retrospect, I was also very disappointed with my classmates at that time. Why didn't they help me? this is something I can't figure out all the time."

the reader who broke the news in the post bar, if not for the concerted efforts of the classmates, whether the teacher would have been punished so quickly. And for the class that took turns blaming and being slapped in the palm of the hand, if ten students came forward to express their dissatisfaction, they would not have to slap them.

Don't become indifferent.

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