Really, don't lie to me about falling in love again.

Really, don't lie to me about falling in love again.
How could he be an extraordinary person?

Qixi Festival happened to be before going to school this year.

in those days, I was so busy that I always went to bed in the wee hours of the morning.

as she laid out the meal, she smiled at me and said, "it's Qixi Festival today. I thought you had a present."

before I knew it, I was already a "deserved" romantic in the eyes of my elders.

A friend in a long-distance relationship who has been on and off for several times broke up some time ago.

and after a while, when her heart was almost dead, he ran back to her.

this time, he let his mother talk to her on the phone.

I said let it go.

after a long time, she even asked me unconfidently whether it was her own problem that she would lose again and again.

but a few days ago she came to me and told me, "he said I didn't have a boyfriend after graduation and we were together."

probably the expectation of falling in love later was slowly eroded by these spicy chicken people and stories.

at that time, in fact, his own body also began to turn on the red light, always angina pectoris for no reason.

but he replied: "it's no trouble, it's worth it."

I always admire the sweetness of lovers occasionally, but I can't help thinking: "it's terrible that I haven't taken care of my troubles and have to take care of one more."

break away from the era of school uniforms, work began to enter into life, everyone's life has a lot of trouble. The troubles, big and small, that existed before, could still be found by a single person.

even if we do it again, I'm afraid it's just a repeat of the same mistake.

he would flirt, often saying, "how can I miss you during the day? I've been thinking about it all day."

later, my gums became inflamed, and when I stayed up late, the root of my tongue and throat began to hurt, and talking and eating were torture.

afraid of death after illness, I went to bed a few days early and went to bed after one o'clock. I just missed his news one night. The next day he said: "you didn't answer me last night. I fell asleep looking at your avatar."

the toothache made me really unable to be romantic, and then I couldn't help asking him why he didn't care about my teeth.

I can't tell whether he is serious or joking, but I just suddenly feel that I shouldn't bother others even if I care about such a thing.

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those who yearn for or are in love always feel that the stories I have written above are all one-sided and excuses.

but to be honest, it's not that we haven't experienced those wonderful relationships, and we're not without people sprinkling dog food happily around us.

it's like everyone likes to eat McDonald's when they are young. When they grow up, some people still like McDonald's, but some people are tired of it. The same is true of


for me during this period, the visible danger is always greater than sweetness.

but I don't want to talk about it, just don't want to talk about it.

I'm in trouble.