I advised my sister not to stay in Guangzhou to look for a job.

I advised my sister not to stay in Guangzhou to look for a job.
What kind of life do you want.

people in Chaoshan area like to rush to bigger cities and look for opportunities in larger cities.

but after my sophomore year, I never thought about going home to look for a job.

there are some "hopes" that cannot be seen in small cities.

I looked for it for two months, but I couldn't find an internship all over my face. I comforted her by saying that it was all right, that I would improve my ability first, but it didn't matter for the interview.

she knows that she will be drowned as soon as she stops, but the more she knows this, the more impossible it is for her fear and anxiety to go forward.

the brother who won the National Award sat in front of the midnight snack stalls, constantly shaking his head and lamenting how good the returnees were in the group interview. The president of the student union also said with emotion that he didn't even pass his resume, so he had to go to the interview.

Yes, this place is full of hope.

my father said to my sister at the end of the video, "go home and get a job."

that was the first time I sighed to Guangzhou.

I said, "my rent is due for two months, so give her another two months."

she has been sending her resume for those two months, and at first she wanted to do her own major-interior design. Later, because of my college degree, I couldn't find it, so I went around doing another stage of clerk and sales.

when my house was about to expire, she finally got a job as an interior designer with a monthly salary of only 1200.

she whispered, "I'll take the rent money from my parents first, and I'll be able to become a regular employee in three months."

"not counting commission, 3000." Her voice is even lower this time.

my sister gave a lot of reasons that night.

she says she has many friends in Guangzhou, and she thinks life in Guangzhou is a little more fun.

then I realized vaguely that my sister had just celebrated her 19th birthday, and she still had fantasies about the future, and she might not have realized that she would work hard in Guangzhou.

but after saying these words, I added a long paragraph: "but in fact, I don't think you are ready to survive in Guangzhou." You didn't squeeze past the 07:30 line three, you didn't feel the moment when you were alone in the rented house, and you didn't have to bow your head and do something you hate in order to survive. "

my last words are, think about it. If you are ready to stay, I will call you. If you want to go back, I will buy a ticket for you.

she decided to go back to Shantou and bought her ticket.

I stood at the door for a long time, and finally let out a long sigh.

and leaving Guangzhou seems to have had a big impact on my sister.

she still works hard to send her resume in Shantou, insists on interior design, and inadvertently mentioned that she will return to Guangzhou when she has the ability.

although I persuaded her to go back, I was still sad for a long time.

my sister left without a word that day, which made me think of myself.

but it's just a hope.

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the drama of "leaving work at 21:00 counts as leaving early and leaving early, and two days off becomes a seven-day shift" will be staged in many unknown corners.

the person who leaves may not be wonderful, but for him, the bet is over.

good night.

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