How long you are single and how many times you are lovelorn, you must believe in love.

How long you are single and how many times you are lovelorn, you must believe in love.
Life is simple. Don't regret when you make a decision.

at first I thought it was just good intentions, but when I found that I was the only customer who could enjoy this special, things didn't seem that simple.

lying in bed late at night, I can't sleep over and over again. I recall the clues of the day and guess like a detective: does he like me?

you can close your eyes, and you can always see his serious side face when making milk tea.

for a long time, I couldn't sleep because I was sad.


it's raining outside, the ground is wet, and the streets are full of lovers. I don't want to go out at all.

what's different is that I came back from the bathroom that day and found an extra rose on the table.

but he bowed his head and didn't look at me.

at that time, "belated you" was on the headphones, interspersed with the voices of some shop assistants.

"wait a minute, wait a minute."

so I sat there until 11 o'clock in the evening.

I pursed my mouth and nodded.


after I was with Alan, I thought about telling him about the past.

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I always thought that "getting better scars and forgetting pain" is a mockery, but now I find that it is also a very important ability.

people can never walk again just because they have fallen down, nor can they never dare to love someone just because they love missing someone.

most people just want to hide in the safe zone forever and would rather put on a posture of resistance than take a step forward.

but grapes are obviously sweet.


my first article, "I don't want you, you go" is the story of your breakup.

and now, disorganized, accompany me into a new love.

so, is there really someone in the world who you like and happens to like you?

if you like, listen to me not talking.