Do something a little harder.

Do something a little harder.
A thorn.

how hard is it to do something more difficult?

the so-called "things that are a little more difficult" are actually "things that could have been done but gave up on their own initiative". But it is really "a little more difficult" every day, and it is not as easy as it is said.

"you are much better than me" has somehow become a heart-to-heart conversation between friends. It seems that if they don't compete with each other, they will no longer be able to drink and chat together.

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when preparing for the college entrance examination in the third year of senior high school, NIKE just said SLOGAN: "YESTERDAY YOU SAID TOMORROW."

the struggle between the future and the present never stops. We always think that tomorrow's self will naturally transform, will suddenly be full of motivation, and will become invincible. Maybe it's because we all choose amnesia that we forget that tomorrow will be stronger because we have done more difficult things today.

moving at a constant speed is not called persistence, because it is the result of inertia. It is just that there are so many people who "pause at will" in this world that "maintaining a uniform speed" is also valuable, which is the sorrow of the whole society.

I've seen people who don't work until ten o'clock at night. If you force her to think during the day, you might as well let her hit the wall, but that's the kind of person. I read her articles better and better every day, and her logic became more and more meticulous every day. One day I couldn't help asking, only to know that she seemed to eat, drink and be merry during the day, but in fact, she was collecting materials for choosing topics that she had planned the day before yesterday.

so I started the state of "doing more difficult things every day" again. As soon as I finished talking about cooperation from Guangzhou in the afternoon, I crouched in front of the computer and typed on time in the evening. Although it is impossible to make daily shifts, a rough calculation shows that more than a dozen essays have been updated in a month, and the messy updates have not been left behind.

saying that being unhappy is false, but looking back on the reason, it was this "a little harder" that helped me.

Don't worry that you can't do it, because the "bit" in the difficulty is also elegant, if you can't get 500 meters, then get ten meters, and the acceleration is a little slow, but it can also be regarded as Xu Li. It's just that if you build up strength for too long, your legs will go numb.

A classmate asked me, "is it difficult for me to memorize ten more words a day?"

it is more difficult to be better in the future, not just to be tired.

how hard is it to treat me to Vitasoy?

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