You can get back together, but don't be stupid.

You can get back together, but don't be stupid.
Good night.

half drunk and half awake, I said to her, "Don't get back together when you break up. There will always be a dead knot in your heart."

I may be thinking of my entangled ex.

Wearing our sexy black prom dresses will allow you to achieve just the look you wanted. Our magnificent garments will hugely boost your confidence.

at that time, I always thought that falling in love should be "from one to the end", and my understanding is: no matter what happens, I will identify that person.

he used the most stereotypical phrase:

I didn't expect him and her to come back and get back together without a month.

"look, he still loves me, and I'm sure he'll only be wrong this once."

but what happens next is a slap in the face. There is no shortage of girls around him, but he never refuses them.

A girl sent him a selfie of pouting and acting cute at three o'clock in the morning.

finally I became my ex again. I blindly gave in, thinking that he could find his conscience, but he was more unscrupulous and thought I had no bottom line.

actually I was warned from the very beginning, when he was having an affair with someone for the first time.

the back seat of his bike has been sat by other girls, and he has also held her hand on the playground. He used to be on both sides of the boat, and our relationship was so fragile.

after the results of the college entrance examination, I can't go to the same school with my boyfriend. After thinking about it all night, I finally made up my mind:

the pressure of college entrance examination, the pressure of repeating, and the pressure of long-distance love all depend on his promise of "I wait for you".

as the exam date approached, I became more and more dependent on him. I called him after school and asked him where he was at every recess.

he made new friends in college and joined the club. I have never been to the street where he eats midnight snacks every night.

in the end, I was trying to find a topic, and all he had left was "well, I have work to do, so that's it."

I guess when he hung up on me, he must have thought with relief, "just hide." During the

period, I survived countless crashes and cries, as well as a sudden high fever before the college entrance examination, all without him.

"you see, you did such a stupid thing at that time."

"so you once gave up on me."

but since you are willing to give this way,

good night before going to bed every night,

and those feelings and companionship that have accumulated over the years.

actually I've been making mistakes