At the poorest age, I met the person who wanted to support me the most.

At the poorest age, I met the person who wanted to support me the most.
I just want to be better because of you.

probably stimulated by the little lovers, a friend suddenly pointed to a dilapidated Internet bar on the street corner and talked about the days when he fell in love a few years ago and had only 500 yuan to live on.

# with you, it doesn't matter to be poor

the final result is that he stopped in the final four and walked out of the Internet bar for a whole day in disappointment. He touched his head and said, "Sorry, I lost." But I will still treat you to western food. "

what impressed him most that day was that his girlfriend, who watched him play all day, said, "it's my treat, but I can't afford western food."

they went to the store at that time and dared not try it on.

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the music hall was on May Day at that time, and they listened outside the museum all night.

he added: "I had nothing at that time. If she hadn't been by my side all the time, I might have hated myself."

# although I am poor, I still want to marry you.

he loves to play, he has participated in singer competitions, novel competitions and e-sports competitions, but he does not like reading. So when he told me that he was going to take the postgraduate entrance examination at the end of his sophomore year, I was startled.

at that time, he was in love, and his girlfriend's family was relatively traditional. He needed more betrothal gifts to get married, and he didn't want her to marry out of town.

"I gritted my teeth and took the graduate school entrance exam. I might be lucky enough to stay in the university and become a professor or something. It's not easy, but our school welfare is pretty good. I'll earn more money then. With social status, there won't be so much resistance to marrying her. "

and probably since then, every time I look for him, he is either in self-study or in the laboratory.

and every time he retorted without looking up, "my family won't let us break up yet."

at that time they were in a long-distance relationship and met once a month.

at that time, a studio recruited him to take a part-time job. His salary was quite good, but he was so busy that he fell asleep every night.

the most excruciating thing in a long-distance relationship is losing contact.

he suddenly panicked, but he said yes at a loss.

friends say that sometimes life is really strange, as if we always meet the people we want to protect most when we are not capable, rich or good enough.

but what moves me most is that when those people make changes, they never think about what will happen if they are not together in the future.

and although the direction and ending of the story are not the same, one thing that happens is that at that most penniless age, they do get better because of some people.

I can't help thinking of a passage written by Sanmao:

-if you like it, you will marry a multimillionaire; if you don't like it, you will marry a billionaire.

-there are exceptions.

-if you are, you only need enough money to eat.

-No more, you can eat less in the future.

so that's probably the good relationship I've been looking forward to--

"after meeting you, I just want to be better because of you."

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