Be with the person who always quarrels with you.

Be with the person who always quarrels with you.
What are we together for?


the sweetness of love ended, and during that time the captain and I entered a rough running-in period.

he is proud and has unyielding self-esteem.

I am so stubborn and tough that I always want to convince the other side.

We had many quarrels and stung each other.

chatting on the phone at night, the captain's voice became low.

he carefully discussed with me, "Hey, why don't you change your stubbornness?" Don't always refute what I say. "

this earnest sentence made me a little angry: "I'm not contradicting you, I'm just explaining what I think." "

he was in a hurry:" you see, this is a rebuttal. "

I raised my voice: "can't I express myself?"

his tone began to get angry: "I hope you can say'OK, I know'to me once, instead of having to argue with me about right or wrong, which is really annoying." You are always so stubborn, how can we get along? "

I was stupefied for a moment. I didn't know what to do. I hung up the phone and had only one thought in my mind: so what if I like it? Isn't it sad to be together?

people always say that evenly matched love is better, but they don't think it can hurt both sides.


it was such a long and painful stage that when a friend knew about it, she would say sadly, "actually, wouldn't it be better to be apart?"

I subconsciously shook my head, and then my friend continued to ask me, "but if two people quarrel and suffer together, why stay together?"

I gnashed my teeth in some confusion.

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before leaving, my friend said, "in fact, sometimes I don't understand what we are together for."

I can understand the meaning of this sentence.

when everyone likes it, express their love and get together, and then what?

what are you doing together?

would you like to have dinner and watch a movie and say good night?

but I can do this with my friends.

if as friends, we can not only accompany each other, but also not even stab each other because of the close distance, then why are we still together?

I don't understand this question-together, it seems to be just everyone's instinctive reaction to love.

but then what?


I had a long cold war with the captain.

then one night, he called again.

I'm a little scared, because I still don't know how to face him. The phone rang for a long time before I answered it, followed by a brief silence.

"Sorry." He suddenly opened his mouth.

I was stupefied for a moment, and regardless of my silence, he said to himself:

"when I came home yesterday, I happened to see a girl crying sadly by the side of the road. I felt sorry for her and made her cry too much. Then I thought, that's how I made you cry that night. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have made you sad. "

I have a lot of things on my mind at once.

I thought that he was just quietly listening to me sniffle that night, and I thought about how we fought each other that night and blushed.

but I also thought that in the past, there was only work in his life. In the past, he did not know how to apologize. In the past, he said that he did not know how to take care of other people's emotions.

"excuse me, are you still there?"

he asked again on the phone.

"I'm here."

I kind of want to cry.


the captain said a word that night, which was very serious and moved me. He said, "I know I'm too strong, I know I'm selfish, I know I'm not good enough." But I can be better, and only because of you. "

some people say that being together is a continuation of love.

is for the second half price of McDonald's, for the popcorn that you can eat in the movie, the dependence when you are sad, and the company when you are happy.

people are always used to the purpose of being together as a way to pursue happiness.

when you are together, you can feel your tenderness and see your ugliness recently. When you see ugliness, your happiness will drop uncontrollably.

but those who still like it don't turn around and leave right away.

because I am with you not simply to be happy, but to believe that we can get better together.

I know I'm not good enough and you're not good enough, so I want to be better with you.

that's what it really means to be together. Good night.