College students who died during the summer vacation

College students who died during the summer vacation
Summer is almost over.

the imaginary summer vacation is definitely not like this.

obviously, I stayed in the library for nearly four hours before the holiday, just to make sure that the "summer vacation plan" was arranged safely:

but the reality is that I didn't go to bed until 2: 30 in the morning and got up at 11:00 in the morning. What did I do the rest of the day? I was ashamed to say any more.

you know, this feeling is like "staying up late" is my sleeping pill.

and it is my mother who wakes me up every day, which makes me feel like a primary school student who can't even take care of myself.

then, in order to hide his anxiety, he had to eat again and again until the meat on the table was completely wiped out.

but reason tells itself: "I've just had enough, so I'm going to have appendicitis right away."

it took me nearly ten minutes to share the store's link on Dianping with him and left a message saying, "his salmon head must be ordered."

at four o'clock in the afternoon, I finally dragged my fat body downstairs and said to myself, "I'm not afraid of heat."

I'm not in good shape, so I ran only three kilometers for half an hour. It is too troublesome to run on the highway, not only to run and stop, but also to watch all directions and be careful of the traffic before and after.

then I called a Didi and sent me to the nearest McDonald's. Because I ran and didn't eat a cone of ice cream, I always felt sorry for myself who worked so hard.

at that moment, I looked at the few cylinders left and looked at the "second half price" sign. I was as lonely as a dog.

after dinner, I hit Arena of Valor a few times, took a look at today's popular Weibo, and sent a few innocuous emojis in Wechat group chats. It was the beginning of the day:

I began to understand why those people always drink in the evening.


for example, at one lunch in the fourth week, my parents couldn't see it and said to me, "you waste your time at home every day, why don't you get a summer job?"

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as a matter of fact, I can't find it. It's just because I don't like mindless work, and brainless work doesn't like me either.

so my father continued to nag me with a look of hatred. At last, the quarrel turned into a criticism meeting that "I didn't work hard in high school, so I had to go to an ordinary undergraduate, so ordinary that I couldn't even find a summer job."

so I opened Wechat and privately talked about a friend who often asked someone to hand out flyers.

he replied in a second: "what order?"

he said, "are you so free?"

"is there a girl?"

"not today, sorry."

later, we deleted Wechat from each other because of the failure of this cooperation.

the result made me very sad, because they were either introduced by my aunt or asked about the work by my boyfriend's mother. The most exaggerated was the girl I had a crush on in high school. She unexpectedly said to me, "I resigned." the family suddenly said that they would travel to Japan. "

time is running out, so I have no choice but to make a salted fish.

I find that most of us can find problems, but only a few of us can face them and solve them.

but people are often trapped between chicken soup articles and negative emotions, indulging in all kinds of negative jokes and memes.

so many people will use the word "mourning" to describe themselves, but in fact it is a kind of self-mockery of hopeless breakthrough in life.

"this is the end of my summer vacation"

but if you can often feel love, achievement and happiness in your life, do you still think "bereavement" is a good thing?

the day-to-day decline is not living. I prefer to call it undead.

in fact, we can get better, but we kill the chance of getting better.

good night.

Zhang thorns

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