Day and night in Dongguan.

Day and night in Dongguan.
Let's talk about Dongguan.


when I was going to talk about the city of Dongguan, I was afraid.

you see how many people use the word "fear" when they talk about their hometown. From this point, we can see that the city is different.

because most people associate "sex" with "Dongguan", but for Chinese people, sex is not a thing that can be talked about on the table, but it is the most frequently discussed topic under the stage. So every time I use the name "Dongguan people", I have to prepare several standard answers to block other people's curiosity:

"I've never been there", "I don't know", "although I'm really a local".

however, this article does not intend to bypass "sex", because it is part of the past, even if the past is not glorious, but only by interpreting it can we know more about this place.

if you treat Guangzhou and Shenzhen as two points respectively, and then connect them with a straight line, you will find that the straight line happens to pass through Dongguan. Before the highway was built, there was a national highway on this straight line that passed through a town in Dongguan.

and below Shenzhen is Hong Kong.

A provincial capital, a special economic zone, and an administrative zone. And Dongguan, compared to them, is just a post station.

listen to the elders say that in those days, container truck drivers from Hong Kong were very rich, and they usually ran long distances at night, so they needed a place to rest.

the more people stay, the more entertainment grows.

so in 2010, the town became the densest place for star hotels in China.

later, many Taiwanese came to Dongguan, who were professional and smart, so they brought here the standardized process of managing factories in Taiwan, allowing factories to completely transition from the "rule of man" to the "rule of law."

as an example, I have only seen this word in the teacher's comments. Unexpectedly, my city will be able to carry it out to the end. In the past, everyone laughed and said "one-stop service", but I don't know when they slowly changed their tune, saying "ISO standardization (international standard)".


in fact, it is too much to describe "horror" at that stage. In the reporter's report, in those years, countless pet shops took to the streets like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, with all kinds of pet dogs in them, and numbers similar to "700" and "450" were posted on the outside of the cages.

the reporter asked, "is that the price of the dog?"

the shopkeeper smiled and said, "that's their owner's price."

this means that at that time, they had given up their surnames and names, and the only thing they could use to prove that they were still alive was money.

and there is no "coercion" or "threat", which is the result of their war with interests.

but how can we blame it? During the summer vacation when I graduated from the third year of junior high school, I went to work in a factory under the arrangement of my family. The hourly salary was only 4.2 yuan. All I had to do every day was to put several screws of different sizes in a specific position in the box.

not only is there no need to think at all, but also in order to improve efficiency, the team leader does not allow us to whisper to others.

I finally changed my position once, but I just changed from "placing screws" to "straightening the bent spring".

pick up the spring with tweezers, gently pull both hands out, and then put it down, one after another.

your only opponent there is time. Stay up until five o'clock in the afternoon, you will be liberated.

but after dinner you will start to feel empty again: because you have to start preparing again, what are you daydreaming about at work tomorrow?

so can those slightly prettier girls really beat the fantasy that they will be able to go home and build a house in a few years? In the face of boring and repetitive life, give you a choice, will you also choose to abandon your name, pretend to live a few years less, and then get a large reward?

so the "life is not high" advertised in a video APP is still empty talk, and some people are born a little farther from the finish line than others.

I know very well that I am the lucky one, so I will not blame them for their choice.

but I don't intend to whitewash the industry, because the values it brings are wrong.

people should not even be unable to hold on to their own names.

but I still want to restore as much of what I see as possible.

because I always feel that avoiding the past is discrimination from the bottom of my heart.


I still remember chatting with several friends a few years ago, and one of them asked me, "are you people in Dongguan very smart? otherwise, how could you be so rich?"

I said, "cleverness is not, but it is real enough." The demographic dividend is coming, and everyone is not as arrogant as the legend, but firmly caught them. "

so Dongguan, and the people of Dongguan are really not as wonderful as everyone imagines. A lot of things are given by the times.

but what is given by the times is sometimes not a good thing. In fact, people began to resent it a long time ago, hoping to tear the note out of the city. But just like psoriasis, there are always people who want to tear it off, and there are always people who try their best to paste a few more pieces, because that's how they make a profit.

this situation was not completely changed until three years ago.

well, as you know, CCTV is here.

the distorted track, after enduring labor pains, finally returned to its "right track".

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but what people think of as "great changes" fall into our lives at best.After that, "the pet store retreated like a tide". Like those big hotels, we wouldn't go there at first, and we wouldn't be its guests later. But I have also asked a lot of business people, and their answers are all the same: "doing business is really not as easy as it used to be."

I don't know if it has anything to do with "orbit".

there is one thing that proves that it does affect my life.

imagine that before that, there were no less than five "hair salons" on the road in our village.

every day, dozens of women sit in front of the "hair salon" in scantily dressed clothes. When they see you, they ask you, "would you like a handsome guy to wash his hair?" This is no longer a problem that can be solved by "avoiding it", because it is so much that you can't avoid it.

I still remember that in those years, every time my girlfriend waited for a taxi by the side of the road, some creepy uncle on a motorcycle asked her, "how much is a pretty girl?"

in their eyes, all women have become goods that can be priced.

so it's a good thing for us to be banned, reminding people with strange ideas: "people can't be priced."

in fact, the whole city is in the same circle, and if something goes wrong in one of them, the others will also be affected.

fortunately, the situation has finally been reversed so that we can "live with true color".


the off-duty bell of the factory rang again, they poured out in blue uniforms, and nearby restaurants were quickly filled with the low price of "seven yuan, two meats and one vegetarian". But I have heard that even though the hourly wage is getting higher and higher, it is becoming more and more difficult for the factory to fill up.

my aunt, who lives on rent collection, is messing with Baked Chicken in Salt, her family's favorite food in the kitchen. "she has to turn it every 15 minutes, so that it can taste evenly," she said. When she was playing mahjong, she told her friends that there was another five-story building in her family recently, so that she could make a good interval and rent it out in the form of a single room.

at first glance, the child was wearing the school uniform of the high school in the town. He did not know when he would be able to find out that there was still a distinction between "211" and "985" in domestic colleges and universities.

the young lady put away her skirt, sorted out everything in the rental house, and rushed to other cities with her suitcase. I don't know if she could really forget the past and say to life, "Let's start from scratch."

I saw the media say that after several years of efforts, Dongguan has finally become a "new first-tier" city. But the report analyzed the basic configuration of some cities, such as how many Wanda Plaza, how many Uniqlo, or how its subway operation.

so as an ordinary citizen, it is of course much more convenient now than in the past, but I really can't tell you where it's getting better.

is the food getting better? The decoration of the store is better than before?

but these seem to be the progress that every city has.

forget it, forget it.

in fact, in the whole city, what I like most are the time-honored sugar shops that are open late at night. No matter what you are in the day, when there are a lot of people, you can only accept the orders of the boss's wife to let you sit in the corner and share the table.

of course you can refuse, but it also means that you have rejected the mango sago that is so sweet to your heart.

every time I encounter any puzzling problems in my life, I will run to join the fun in the middle of the night and ask myself: isn't this sugar shop in Dongguan like a microcosm of the times? There is the temptation of "sugar water", the psychological struggle of "go or stay", and the "sense of satisfaction" after eating.

and we are all just ordinary people who have been seated, and there is really no difference between high and low.

good night.