"Don't be friends with people who stay up late."

"Don't be friends with people who stay up late."
May you have a good day, stop staying up late in vengeance and become an excellent person.

Jenny Joe


I find that the atmosphere of the Monday morning meeting is as heavy as the atmosphere in the office every Friday afternoon.

the leader said that everyone sat down and looked very neat, but there were always a few people who were obviously "out of their wits", withered their heads and drooping their heads, forcibly refraining from yawning.

I believe that many students are in class, and the same is true.

after all, I understand that I am not in the mood for the moment just after the weekend.

remembering that there was a colleague in the company who had been wilting for a week, one day while she was making coffee, I asked her why she was lethargic.

as a result, the girl said to me, "I went to bed at three o'clock last night."

when she said this, I was a little distressed. I worked so hard and wanted to persuade her not to work too hard. Her body is the capital.

but the next words completely shocked me: "recently found several fun and addictive short video accounts."

I know this girl very well. She is usually very self-disciplined and seldom immerses herself in junk happiness. I only know after asking that recently, a university classmate came to Beijing to look for her and gave her Amway every night, either pulling her to browse short videos or recommending app for all kinds of killing times.

I'm too embarrassed to say: really, don't be friends with people who stay up late.

Why? This article shared today is here to tell you.

people are lazy as they stay up late

before, Maomao, a popular Douyin celebrity, shot a video about staying up late, which received 2.77 million likes, which was also recommended to me by the girl in the office.

as long as I lay down, I began to be restless: "brush a short video for five minutes." as a result, I had a good time, and in the twinkling of an eye, I was so angry that I decided not to stay up late from tomorrow.

as a result, the next day, I wanted to listen to two songs before I went to bed, but it was three o'clock as soon as I got high, and I had to go to work tomorrow, blaming myself for having no sense of time.

after a bald night, I panicked, so I had to put on 3000 yuan of eye cream and think, "Maomao, a beautiful woman like you, can't stay up late," to force yourself to go to bed early.

but a phone call ignited the soul of gossip, suddenly refreshed and talked on the phone all night.

in the end, it was discovered that human nature is indeed a "repeater" and "pigeon essence".

the same flag has to stand up many times, and then stand yourself up again and again, saying that it is impossible to go to bed early. Flag is just an existence used to hit the face.

the comment area is also boiling, the content is too real, it is that you are right:

now the good business is to harvest attention, the pursuit of drama can not stop, the game is addictive, sand sculpture video fun is boundless, time is money, but your time eventually becomes money in other people's pockets.

as Luo Zhenyu said:

behind every addictive APP, there are listed companies valued at hundreds of millions or even hundreds of billions of dollars, and tens of millions of product managers and programmers are deliberately trying to get you to devote your time to it.

and all the efforts they make are destroying your self-control.

and what is even more exasperating is that you can't blame others, after all, you are not worthy of yourself.

people are as lazy as they stay up late.

your routine is your level

Wang Shi has a widely circulated story. He often climbs mountains with his good friends.

Old friends rarely get together, and people often chat until they get carried away, but no matter how happy or unfinished chatting with their friends, as long as the prescribed bedtime comes, Wang Shi will certainly go back to his tent to have a rest.

go to bed early to ensure that he has enough strength to cope with the next day's itinerary. Sober and restrained, everything can be controlled.

some people say that the boss's story is too far away from him, and even the rumors may not be true.

but even if you look back, those excellent peers, even your boss, have the ability of self-management, and one of the most typical signs of this ability is:

put down your phone, eliminate interference, go to bed early and get up early.

in contrast, people like salted fish around them do not know where they waste their time every day, vowing to go to bed early, but dangling until the latter part of the night.

there are also people who, as they call it, work hard and enjoy their own time at night, which is actually just an excuse for idleness.

A report shows that 75% of post-90s cannot fall asleep until after 11:00 at night, while more than 60% of the respondents have irregular schedules and look around at night, delaying the time for falling asleep.

and what's even more frightening is that when idleness and procrastination become habits, it affects more than just sleep.

those who can't go to bed early usually clamor to lose weight every day, apply for a fitness card, and only go for three days.

in a moment of interest, I bought a bunch of books, and some of them still have the problem of hoarding lessons. I want to enrich myself and broaden my mind, but it's a pity that obscure books are no more interesting than variety shows.

when the blood is hot for three minutes, I also want to do something, but after a while, I begin to lose focus and begin to comfort myself. Why should I have a hard time with myself? life should be happy in time.

after spending a long time with these people, you will find that even simple goals seem out of reach.

there is a cruel saying that a person's work and rest is his level, and the work and rest of the people around you is your level.

learn self-discipline and start by cleaning up your moments

many people think that it is difficult to go to bed early.Oh, I wish I didn't get up all day. Unfortunately, no matter how full the words are, there will be more punches in the face in life.

there is a sentence in "Cognitive Breakthrough" that I like very much:

"all laziness, indulgence and lack of self-control are rooted in limited cognitive ability."

We all know the benefits of self-discipline, but we just can't do it.

psychologists have summed up the reasons for us that self-discipline is exciting in the early stage, painful in the middle, and enjoyable in the later stage.

it's just that most people lose all their previous efforts because they can't stand the pain in the middle of the year.

in difficult times, the power of example is very important.

sprint champion Su Bingtian is so self-disciplined that he is regarded as an idol by his teammates. He hardly goes anywhere except the training ground and dormitory, and his life is extremely rigorous.

even if he went home during the holidays, he never relaxed. Early to bed and early to rise, regular schedule, never drinks and eats meat.

his teammate Zhang Peimeng deeply admired Su Bingtian's strict and self-disciplined character, so for a whole year, he set Su Bingtian's photo as a mobile phone screensaver, reminding himself all the time to learn from him and not to indulge.

Zhang Peimeng is undoubtedly lucky to have such a strong and self-disciplined friend around her, and she seems to have no choice but to push herself forward.

only when you see with your own eyes what a good person is like, will you have the desire to become him.

as a good friend once said to me, beware of those who say that if you go to bed early, you can go to bed early. It's scary to compete with you.

your only chance to beat them is to make friends with them so that you can become a better person.

and the situation around us may be just the opposite:

when you go to bed early and plan to go to bed early and get up early, your chicken-eating teammates tell you: what does it matter if you play another game?

when the weather gets hot, you plan to lose weight, eat less and move more. Colleagues summon you: come on, you can't reach the initial order, let's see what kind of milk tea to drink.

you want to read a good book on the weekend, friends phone calls, news constantly: go shopping! Eat! Give yourself a treat after a hard week!

you complain to them about how bitter it is in the middle of self-discipline and always fail, but they say: life is too short, have fun in time. When you get drunk today, you don't have an affair with a teenager.

self-discipline is not easy, and the "divine assists" of the people around you speed up the disintegration of self-control.

if you know all the truth, but you can't do it, then I suggest you start by cleaning up your moments.

in the face of a friend who is holding you back, you can only advise everyone to know how to refuse and tell him your plan. If the other person is your true friend, he will understand and support you and get better with you.

if you keep complaining about you or laughing at you for putting on airs, there's nothing to lose if you don't socialize with such a friend.

Life is too short. You must spend your time on things that allow you to grow up quickly, and on people who are worth interacting with.

because I am really afraid of you, I have already been thrown 108000 miles by my peers, and I still swear in my moments that I will go to bed early and get up early.

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and the more wasted people are during the day, the more they want to stay up and sleep at night to save something.

I feel that the best way to control staying up late is to make the day as meaningful as possible.

, go to bed early and get up early with uncle.