Don't be someone else.

Don't be someone else.
Life never becomes gentle just because you grow up in a different way.

he dare not say that he is afraid that others will feel hypocritical,

because mature people know how to swallow anger.

A friend asked her why she didn't expect love anymore.

smile and say--


he will no longer be upset about this problem,

because in the adult world, dreams are a joke.

"when I grew up, I lost my heartbeat."

"I can't help it. Maybe this is growth."

and now I ask those post-00s, they all say they don't want to grow up.

Cai Kangyong said, "growing up is a disappointing process." many people remember this sentence.

growing up is a disappointment because it becomes more and more difficult for us to keep ourselves the way we are, as if we have become another person.

never accept the phrase "growth is a wet blanket".

swallowing anger, not believing in love, worshiping money, and giving up ideals, these frustrating words can be justified and forgiven as long as they are associated with growth.

because everyone can use this reason to accept things they can't accept.

Weird says that there is a debate topic: "We will eventually become people we hate."

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this is what this society has been doing, in the collision with countless people, many people have become more and more smooth, more and more like a template.

and if you accept that growth is a disappointment, you will never want to change it.

of course I know that the adult world is particularly difficult.

and life never treats you gently just because you have grown up in a different way.

I recently worked as an intern. I worked in the company during the day and came back to write books at night. I spent no more than 10 minutes having a meal.

the high-intensity work makes me tired. I have asked myself countless times whether it is necessary to work so hard before graduation. My mother also came to ask me if I should quit my internship and have a rest.

because I know what I'm doing is what I like. If I give up just because it is difficult or afraid, I am not reconciled.

so I suggest you stick to what you like and believe what you want to believe.

Don't be someone else. Good night.

We want to give you a reason to continue to face this lousy life