Don't repay those who are kind to you by inviting them to dinner.

Don't repay those who are kind to you by inviting them to dinner.
What happens between people is not interests, but affection.

the happiest thing in a person's life is not wealth, wealth, or power.

but, when you are difficult, when you are cold, when you are powerless, there is always someone who brings warmth to your heart.

Happiness is that when you can't, there are still people to support you; when you are down, people still believe you; when you fall, there are people to help you!

in this life, keep in mind those who are kind to you.

people who have helped you

Don't repay by inviting you to dinner

the so-called "reciprocity" is not equal exchange.

when others help us, we measure the value of other people's actions to help us, and then think that to invite him to dinner is to return the favor.

A favor can be repaid with a meal, but kindness is not allowed, and helping you is not allowed.

because not everyone will lend you a helping hand when you are in trouble.

what happens between people is not interests, but affection.

therefore, there is no equivalent exchange, because feelings such a thing, simply can not afford to repay!

the person who helps you may only help you through this difficulty, but you don't know how strong it is to help you.

because you care, it helps; because you are distressed, you make concessions; because you cherish it, you have companionship.

feelings like this kind of thing, a meal, really can not be even to each other.

especially the kind of friendship that needs to be kept in mind for a lifetime.

the best understanding of human relationship is: long-term.

you help me, I pay you back, you are there when I need it, and I will never be absent when you need it! This is a favor!

Don't dislike other people's trouble

Don't be afraid to trouble others

it is actually a good thing for others to trouble you. Because we are lucky enough to meet someone who can talk to you from the bottom of our heart and are willing to reveal our weaknesses to you.

it's also a good thing that you bother others. Because by expressing our needs, we make the other person feel how much he weighs in our hearts.

of course, when we trouble others, it does not mean that we send others or enslave them.

but when we can't figure something out, we talk to people from the bottom of our heart and ask for help; but when we get through it, we complain about our grievances and ask for support.

Don't advocate bothering others, but sometimes it's not shameful to ask for help when people are confused and onlookers are clear.

bothering others is not the same as taking benefits for granted or asking for help insatiably.

in fact, the people we are in trouble are the people closest to us, and we don't mind expressing our troubles and grievances with them.

but don't forget to give back and be grateful just because you have a good relationship and deep feelings.

feelings are mutual. If you take one step and he will take one step, you will get closer and closer.

so, if someone around you is in trouble and sincerely asks for your help, we must not be stingy with your help.

good relationships come out of mutual troubles; good relationships need to go to each other.

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if between people, no one is stingy with love and giving, and everyone knows how to be grateful and cherish, then no matter whether it is love or friendship, are you afraid that there will be no Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling)?