Don't stay at home during the summer vacation.

Don't stay at home during the summer vacation.
Summer vacation law.

I have found a rule that those friends who stay at home every day during the summer vacation, regardless of their education, hardly find a satisfactory job after graduation.

so I don't exercise during the holiday or when I study. It is a blank piece of paper when I graduate, which is out of touch with the needs of the society.

there are a lot of people around me who are full of plans before the summer vacation, but before the second week, they begin to destroy their summer vacation with "staying up late". Because I went to bed late, I got up late the next day, and because I got up late, the pace of life became different from that of others. In the end, I only had time to synchronize with others at night.

so don't always stay at home during the summer vacation.

when students travel, they either travel in poverty or ask their families for money. The former spends their own money and goes their own way, and no one can interfere with you, but you have to be responsible for your own safety, do research and preparation, and keep in touch with your family. When the latter spends the family's money, they have to ask their consent before they can leave, because we have to respect the people who pay. In fact, the best solution is to "borrow money" rather than "ask for money". But if you borrow it, you have to pay it back, and you have to be honest with each other.

if you don't have any experience, it's a good thing to go to McDonald's as a waitress or even hand out flyers. You can't do a job you like. It's a good thing to know what you hate through these jobs.

Smart people can find knowledge that suits them no matter what work they do, and then quickly get out of it and move on to the next stage.

No wonder they can't find a satisfactory job after graduation. Just because you leave home

doesn't mean you can't read or stay with your family. After traveling, people who do not know how to read at work usually do not read books, nor do they accompany their families.

good night.

he also discussed many more real things in it, such as the Li Wenxing incident in the previous stage, the feelings of the big earthquake, how to write a story, and so on.

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