Everyone's life is at risk.

Everyone's life is at risk.

when you reach the age of twenty, almost everyone has experienced a life-and-death parting.

maybe he has been ill recently;

may have learned that a good friend is about to travel far away;

may have received a phone call and been told that a loved one has passed away.

sudden in life is something I have always hated. I am afraid of accidents and surprises. I want to live a stable life.

but the more you care about, the more frightening you are.

it's like the "I will always love you" I said to girls when I was young.

because of the emphasis on "forever", there is no psychological expectation that they may break up.

We often make the presupposition of "zero error" for the things we cherish.

Love that can't take risks is especially dangerous.

this is childish, and at the same time, it is also a true portrayal of us.

in fact, not talent is life.

once Yuan told me that she wanted Japanese food, and I said let's go.

We ordered two Wudong noodles, one for tempura and four hand rolls.

when I eat, I keep quiet, because when I see the receipt from the waiter, I find that I don't have enough money.

Japanese food is delicious, but I'm not happy the whole time.

Yuan asked me, are you in a bad mood?

I forced a smile and shook my head.

when checking out, the phone screen shows: "there is not enough balance available on the financial card. Please make sure and try again."

for a moment, I was a little confused.

it suddenly occurred to me that from this month, I refused my father's living expenses. I said to him, "I have a salary from this month, and I can barely support myself in the future."

but I didn't expect that when I switched to "self-sufficiency", I was no longer the "well-fed" person I used to be.

when I think of it, I have a headache.

probably saw my predicament, Yuan turned his head to the side, glanced at my phone, and bought the bill.

A teenager was preempted by a girl to pay for his meal.

I know this is a common occurrence in the 21 century, but I am still not very happy.

on the way home, I didn't say a word, listening clearly to the wind of brushing outside the window.

Yuan reached out and took my hand and said, "you often buy me something to eat. Let me treat you for once. Don't worry about it."

I gently said thank you.

some people say that one of the biggest regrets in life is that

at the most incompetent age, I met the girl who most wanted to take care of her life.

I realized this regret at the moment when the payment failed.

to be honest, I'm a little scared.

what I'm afraid of is not that I can't pay the bill. I'm afraid that this relationship will die because of my incompetence.

after finishing the last subject in the final exam, I went back to my dorm.

in the dormitory, the unwashed clothes are piled on the chairs, the roommates are hidden in the quilt, and everyone has a mobile phone.

it seems that when it comes to exam week, people tend to miss the "glory days" of the past.

A Jun said: "I was a critical student at that time, but now I can't believe it."

"me, too. I quarreled with my girlfriend on the day of the college entrance examination, and then both of them failed in the exam."

"I thought I got 125 in the mock English exam, but now I can't even remember a word."

at this time, the director broke the atmosphere of complaining about selling miserably, saying:

"who didn't have unlimited scenery in that year?"

the atmosphere in the dormitory immediately cooled down, and I silently swallowed the sentence "I was the third in the grade".

after I calmed down, I suddenly realized that we all failed except for the length of the room.

and the reason why we complain is probably because "it is not appropriate to try".

because after we go to college, we can no longer have a unified standard to measure success or failure as before.

that night, the head of the house said to me, "complaining and selling badly is a choice to give up part of your dignity." In fact, it looks like a failure to recall previous successes day after day. "

I was afraid to answer him, so I nodded.

because I know that negativity and complaining are not long-term states, they will pass slowly, and when we get through them, we will find that we can only survive on our own.

but we always understand it too late, and when we know the so-called truth, it is not applicable.

people often say pessimistically: "nine times out of ten things go wrong in life."

I often think the same way.

I used to think that I couldn't help it because of outside pressure, but then I found out I was wrong.

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because not being human is not a bad thing, it's just a state of life.

it could be luck or disaster.

if everything goes well in our life, everything is ideal, and there is a lack of surprises and surprises, this kind of life is really complete and terrible.

what I like to say to others is that when you are not perfect, most of them are the most memorable moments in your life.

knowing this, I think that "not by people" is actually not that annoying.

after all, everyone's life is not to watch the fire from afar, but to take risks.

is that right?