GAI, split GAI.

GAI, split GAI.
The sentence "he has the ability to sing" that PGONE said when GAI sang "ascetic monks" is actually true.

but unlike the "dry days" recorded at the scene, behind the distinctive song "Song for yourself", you can hear the noise of the bar, but you can't hear anyone echoing, some cheering for good listening, not even sparse applause.

in June this year, VICE released a documentary called "Sichuan-Chongqing Trap". It is about the relationship between Chengdu and Chongqing hip-hop and these two cities, and how these rapper (Ma Siwei of CDC, Haier Brothers, WUDU MONTANA,Bridge of TY,GOSH) understand their relationship with trap.

even so, when GAI walked through the crowd with Mac to the DJ stage, no one cared about the No. 1 rapper on Weibo in a row a few months later.

"Life is really TM difficult," GAI summed up his life at that time: "sometimes it's really split personality."

obviously I don't agree with this kind of work, but I have to bow my head to make a living. This kind of self-pull makes GAI a contradictory person. He believes in morality and jianghu, but he has to put aside his dignity in order to survive.

GAI was born in 1987, and 2017 happens to be in his twenties. So he naturally has a stronger desire for "success" than the rookie who dressed more than 100,000 in 1997.

what happens next, you all know better than I do.

but the success of "China has Hip Hop" is not only because of rap, but also because of the topic brought by these contestants. Each of them has a clear personality and style, which makes it refreshing to the audience of talent shows who are tired of watching tenderness.

PGONE and Lao Bai play CP, and the contrast between low-key work and diss on stage is full of good impression; TT is a "your boy", so that the frequency of "handsome woman" in the circle of friends is constantly on the upper body; VAVA relies on a song "LIFE'S A STRUGGLE" and other people's extremely high praise to sit down the machine gun of the country's first woman rapper;BRIDGE and the song "Boss", unexpectedly become a necessary repertoire for us to go to KTV.

but it was not until Huang Xu was eliminated that people realized that iqiyi was not preparing any unique tricks, but because Huang Xu had been unable to find his own "human setting", so even if he was very strong in his works and strength, he could not give more shots.

from this point of view, we know how smart GAI is. He knows that "China has hip-hop" will be his turnaround, and all he has to do is figure out the rules and cut them down one by one.

the former can keep him in the top three, while the latter can help him be remembered by everyone.

first, directly against "idol" and "faker", and then his sharp comments on others.

in the seventh period, when Wu Yifan finished singing the song "you are so poisonous" on it, he said directly: "without freestyle, they really suck."

but in my opinion, talking too much also means that GAI is becoming more and more champion.

GAI once cited the fact that "Dad is sick" as the reason to get back the 500 yuan beat deposit, and later explained it online, saying that beat was too bad, so he wanted it back. Many people scolded him for being shameless through this incident, and the chat records showed how much he liked this beat at that time.

so when these chat records and programs are presented in front of everyone, many netizens will think that he is an actor. It was only later that PGONE said, "I'm not an actor. I can't act with you."

bridge said before: "the essence of hip-hop is the same. If a person walks, then we all walk." If one person is popular, then we are all popular. "

on the GAI side, he is so hot-tempered that he can scold his fans live, but he is surprisingly calm in the face of such ferocious cyber violence. He was smart enough to fight back only in moments, and then added, "your ten songs in the program are not lower than Laozi's four sentences."

so later, the turn of public opinion was also extremely obvious. Safflower and fans collectively attacked GAI's character, while GAI fans responded by saying, "have the guts to talk about works."

but it was only through the war of words on Weibo that I learned that his "Laozi four sentences" was sung in the "mortal Song" sung by the Yue Dog Battle team in 0819.

if you look at the words he wrote, you will find that there is a hero living in his heart. His names are Xiang Yu, Wu Song and Zhuge Liang. No matter which one it is, it is the "upright man" and "strong man" recognized by history:

forge ahead and walk through the tiger mountain, poking aside the clouds to see the light.

GAI believes in the "human and natural cycle" of the past, so in music, he is always at ease.

his self-pulling comes from the hardship of life, but it is also these hardships that provide the best material for his words.

there is no shortage of bars that play guitar in the world, but rappers who can integrate Chinese culture into their works.

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