Girls know these five points, can make boys fall in love with you completely.

Girls know these five points, can make boys fall in love with you completely.
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I want to open and read her household items, minority brands, travel experiences, favorite daily as soon as possible.

Whale has learned professional color matching course and knows the color system like the back of his hand. How to look at the cold and warm skin accurately? Is gold or silver suitable for people of different skin colors? She can answer all these with professional knowledge.

if you find your life becoming more and more boring,

if you want to spend dozens of yuan to dress up your family as INS painting style,

if you like all kinds of niche brands that are stylish but don't hit money,

With options of cocktail attire teens for the reserved to options for the bold personality. This selection will save so much of your precious time.

Whale likes to travel , and also likes to study how to make travel more attractive and cost-effective . She can often buy first class at a special price of 1000 yuan, and she will also teach you how to settle a three-way ticket for 1200 yuan and book a sea-view suite for 1200 yuan in the Atlas of Urban Women.

in the Atlas of Urban Women, the whale, as a fashion blogger, can afford tens of thousands of yuan worth of GUCCI bags and dozens of Taobao canvas bags. She recommended some canvas bags , along with Taobao link , hurry up and eat this wave of high-quality Amway .

these homes that are full of INS style are what we urban girl homes look like.

for example, her unique niche perfume :

for example, her recommended niche jewelry brand :

the whale will also give you Amway good-looking, practical, stylish niche watches :

in the Atlas of Urban Women, whales start from their own experience. This paper puts forward five suggestions for girls living alone how to manage their own solitary life attentively .

in the Atlas of Urban Women, Whale shares with you the story of her growing up as a post-90s self-employed "little boss" . how to take more responsibility, how to quickly adjust negative emotions, how to deal with changes in the flow of people, etc. , whether you are a team leader like a whale or a member of the team, you are sure to be inspired in this article.