Guide to a new life in the new semester

Guide to a new life in the new semester
I want to turn over a new leaf.

when we had a holiday in June, everyone looked back on the year and felt a sense of loss.

Today, most people start school, and most people are about to begin a decadent-warm-blooded-decadent cycle. you may also be familiar with this cycle.

this may be your hottest year.

you are also a little worried about the direction of your employment, so you ask your brothers and sisters about the direction of employment in this major and what suggestions you have.

then you joined the student department and club and started a busy and fulfilling day. Slowly, because of the club, you will skip a class or two at first. At first you are careful, but then you know which teacher will call the roll and which teacher will substitute.

by the way, you do want to find a part-time job and support yourself. But for some reason, you never looked for it, and you only did it for a day or two when you found it.

University is very different from what I imagined in the past 12 years. I didn't get out of college and almost failed. The saddest thing is that you don't know what you've done, even the so-called "things you like".

you are not reconciled to the neglect of the previous year. You swear in your moments that you will study hard this year and do what you want to do.

later, people you like ask you out and friends come to play with you. All in all, there will be many helpless accidents this semester that will prevent you from studying hard.

when there is only a month left, you find that your review progress stays in the catalog and secretly says no, you can't be so decadent.

at this time, all you have on your mind is asking for it, forgetting the scholarship and what you want to do for two years.

this time you have a sense of seeing through the world of mortals, you no longer swear to be a good person this semester, but quite naturally accept your own decadence.

in the end, looking at the worried freshman, you can't help saying, "Don't be afraid, just do what you like." The freshman lit up hope, but didn't see you in a daze after saying this sentence.

then you either decide to take the postgraduate entrance examination or start looking for an internship.

looking for an internship, you were mercilessly rejected again and again, and finally found an internship before the summer vacation.


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people open their mouths for interviews and shut up their resumes. At that time, people who stayed in bed were the first to go to the library to prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination.

when you can't even get an interview, you sigh, envy those 985,211, envy those who have done projects and talk eloquently, and envy those who choose offer.

in winter, after the autumn moves, some people are happy and some are sad, some relax and others continue to gnash their teeth. Until spring is over and summer is coming, it's your turn to take graduation photos.

you still haven't got the scholarship, and

you still haven't done what you like.

Why is this guide to turning over a new leaf full of failures?

chatting with people who worked for a year after graduation, he said with emotion: "I didn't like reading before, but after work, I really want to go back and read it again, even if it's a boring class."

one of the most terrible things in life is called inertia.

I hope this decadent guide can let you see the "inertia" of life in advance, whether you are a freshman, three or four, recognize these decadence, and then try to get rid of it.

Don't let this guide become a prophecy in a sense.

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Wang Zepeng

We want to give you a reason to continue to face this lousy life