Have you ever wondered what a club means to you?

Have you ever wondered what a club means to you?
We interviewed different students, teachers, and an interviewer.

the second is the person in charge of the community who is busy with the health of customers.

and in the eyes of juniors, seniors and even teachers and interviewers, they have different views on student organizations and societies.


I: "as a freshman, how do you learn about student organizations or societies?"

"how do you feel about the student organization?" She thought, "I think it's good. I feel like I can learn a lot and enrich my college life."

2. Male, likes basketball, the result is average.

me: "are you getting extra points for a scholarship?"

he thought for a moment, "I don't know very well."

sophomores, juniors and seniors

he said, "I think I really learned a lot this year."

he: "for example, how to communicate with colleagues, superiors and subordinates, um, and how to deal with people."

he: "it's definitely more than that. In fact, it's like reading a book. It affects you unconsciously, and most of the time you can't explain it clearly."

she: "I don't think I can learn a lot, but those people are cute." I admit that if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't stay. "

she: "sometimes I want to do well, but because it is a student organization, there are many restrictions, teachers, colleagues who don't want to do things, ministers who don't want to change." It's hard to do well on your own. After all, it takes money, atmosphere and manpower to do something besides ideas. "

I asked, "does it mean to break a jar?" Don't you want to do better? " She shrugged her shoulders.

he: "you can't say that the student organization repeats all the time, just doing chores for the school." You know, the same position is a different newcomer every year, and it takes a lot of energy just to get familiar with them. "

I: "will the teacher restrict some of the students' behavior?"

me: "how is the school's support for the community?" Like money, like space. "

me: "it still sounds less."

interviewer, male, has been on the job for four years.

me: "what's the problem, for example?"

I: "will you get extra points if you have club experience?"

me: "what do you think of community activities?"

he: "Why do you want to establish such an activity?" Why do you do it in this form? Is the ratio of input to output in this form deficient? All in all, it's a bit of a pity that most students are very similar to the way they operate their activities and their experiences. "

I've seen a lot of people with ideas, and I've seen a lot of people who just stay on ideas. Some people may want to make their club better, while others may want to set up their own club, but they always find it difficult and dare not take the first step.

some people say that it is too difficult, they really want to be a good club, and even want to build a community that they like, but limited by resources and environment. I have a suggestion for this-

for example, Guangzhou Development Bank held a "brain Project" at the beginning of the school season.

during the period from 8.5 to 9.30, as long as you have a good idea of the club, through the competition system of friend voting and jury review, the top six brain societies can get help from the organizers, and the plan can be landed and realized.

in addition, when the new semester is approaching, you can also enjoy the following benefits when you apply for the credit card of Guangfa Bank for college students.

within one month of successfully activating the card, purchase game rights or video members can enjoy

-benefits 2-

have the opportunity to get an internship opportunity at Guangfa Bank.

Last, end the guang chapter (gao) with an interview.

me: "so will you regret it?"


good night.

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