"haven't you given up yet?"

"haven't you given up yet?"
Let me try again.

do you still insist on an impossible thing?

do you still bite your teeth and say let me try again?

haven't you given up yet?

although it's too hard for you to say so many times, it's really too hard.

but many times you comfort yourself that it doesn't matter, there is hope.

although the hope is so small that you can't even see it yourself.

so sometimes you will waver, you will wonder why you are so tired, why not just forget it.

is it because you don't like the ending?

one of his most annoying endings comes from a stand-alone game.

after playing for more than a month, the seriously managed character died in the end of the game, and the 9s character was saying, "We can't change anything."

then the BGM rings, the list of the production team slowly slides up, and the screen is pitch black.

he slumped in front of his chair and still couldn't like the ending that nothing could change.

then the screen gets stuck and a conversation pops up:

actually. Do you want them to survive, too? "

". Rescuing data is dangerous. Even so, do you want them to survive? "

he realized that this might be the real ending level and did not hesitate to choose "Yes". After all, he played for more than a month, not to get the phrase "nothing can be changed".

when the picture changes, there are many "data monsters" with the name of the production team flashing in front of them.

the premise of rewriting the finale is to kill the game production team.

this is probably the hardest part of the game.

rules of the game: being hit by a round bullet is a failure.

the game is really difficult. He sits in front of the game console and repeats dodging and attacking.

at first he smiled and said, "it must be difficult. If it's too easy to rewrite the finale, it doesn't make sense."

but slowly, his operation and eyes gradually couldn't keep up with the dazzling production team and bullets, so he quickly ushered in his first failure.

"do you want to give up?"

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he didn't hesitate and chose no.

but it's really hard.

this time he fell faster.

A sentence appears on the screen: "do you admit that you failed?"

he was a little depressed and chose no.

but the difficulty of this level is really too high.

he failed faster and faster each time, and even an uncontrollable thought flashed through his mind as to whether the production team had no intention of letting players rewrite the ending at all.

is it like what the character 9s said before: "We can't change anything."

another sentence appeared on the screen: "is it all in vain?"

some people say, why do we have to do this? it's just a game, and let it end up like that.

he hesitated in front of that "no" for the first time.

however, several lines of barrage suddenly appeared on the pitch-dark screen.

"I've been down the same road as you, so don't give up here." -- lishang China

"I can empathize, but. Don't give up halfway. " -- David Denmark

"I have done it, no matter when, to live." -- elsword4946 America

these messages from players all over the world moved him inexplicably.

people who are knocked down don't really want to give up, but they just have less reason to insist. So once someone gives him a push, he can move on again.

so he is still falling at full speed, but he is still pressing "No" again and again.

"do you think games are really stupid?"

"do you admit that the world is meaningless?"

do you want to give up here?

the more times he presses no, the more barrage he can see.

"sure enough, you think so, too? Anyway, do it again. " -- EdwardElric China

after not knowing how many times he pressed no, he received a message: "received a rescue offer from lishang."

after he somewhat strangely pressed to confirm the rescue, there were suddenly six more "wingmen" around him.

under the protection of wingmen, he began to be able to withstand attacks from the production team.

but then several messages caught his attention.

"lishang's data is missing!"

"Emptyspark's data is missing!"

"EdwardElric's data is missing!"

until the final clearance, he lost the data of at least six other players. During this period, he kept shouting sadly, "it's over, I've lost another one."

it's just that it's not in vain. In the end, a flash of white light passes, the world in the game recovers, and a paragraph appears on the screen.

"they are designed to destroy all existence, but they are imprisoned in the spiral of life and death. But. Struggling in those reincarnation, that is the meaning of living. "

"and the future cannot come from gifts from others, but can only be obtained by yourself."

the last picture is a white pigeon flying into the sky in the ruins of war.

but it's not over. There's one last step.

several questions pop up in front of the screen.

-"for those who are still playing this game and suffer from being unable to clear customs, do you haveDo you have anything to say? " After thinking about it, he left a message: "once you give up, it's all over, no matter when, come on."

-"you lost your life many times in the last game. You are the one who understands pain and suffering. Are you going to help others who are also groping in pain?"

he chose yes, and then another sentence appeared on the screen: "the price is to lose all the saved data, even so, are you willing?"

it turns out that the last aid wingman comes at the cost of all the archives of a player, but they won't get any benefits.

"you may not get any thanks for what you do.

what you do may be hypocritical in the eyes of others.

even if you haven't met, are you willing to help someone you hate?"

"are you sure?"


what about you?

do you want to give up here?

"do you admit that you failed?"

"is it all in vain?

"do you think mere beliefs are really stupid?"


what I want to tell you is that

I have made the same choice as you.

I have also experienced moments when there is no hope.

I can't tell you what to do, but I really want to tell you:

anyway, try again.

even if the end result is "nothing is left",

is not "nothing can be changed".

good night.