I hope you can restrain who you really are.

I hope you can restrain who you really are.
Keep it real?

I don't forget to bring homie when I hook up my shoulder and back. I want to complain about a wave of diss, and I have to boast that I am a very real person from time to time, in order to distinguish myself from those fake.

but I find that more and more people get mixed up and always feel that they should be a "real person".

work is like this, life is like this, and love is even more so.

I remember that when they were just together, the girls lost their temper because of all kinds of trifles, but no matter whether they were reasonable or not, they could finally get a coax and apology from each other.

as for boys, it's not much better.

now it's the air to play games at home, go out and hold your cell phone, and be a girlfriend at any time.

when the waves go out for a long time, after the tide goes out, people begin to get used to it, so going out to wash their hair becomes an outsider, untidy is true love, picking teeth and farting is the most real, real to unscrupulous.

We begin to expose character flaws. Boys can be as unmotivated as losers, and girls can lose their temper like a bomb every day.

once the other person has a fear or retreat, and there is a problem with the relationship, he begins to blame and begin to doubt whether he has become unloving, as if he can only be called true love if he tolerates and accepts everything.

as a result, one day, the invisible rope between the two people broke with a bang because of too much pressure.

when you first fall in love with someone, there is a "starting point".

the shortcomings of the real you are not in the way at first in this relationship because the halo brought by the entry point has temporarily covered them up.

the words themselves are true, but the meaning of tolerance and acceptance is not "whatever you do", but "I know you are not good enough, but I can wait for you".

the answer is not tolerance or tolerance, but "progress together".

because the true self must be ugly. After all, selfishness and laziness are human nature. If you are not careful, you should be overwhelmed by nature.

to get along with this matter, it is difficult to say, simple and easy to say. In fact, even if you lose your temper once less, enrich yourself to learn some skills. Let both sides feel each other's progress, but also strive to become better, is to add some highlights and light in the relationship every day.

compared with changing your personality, enriching your learning skills can be said to be a shortcut. Not only can let the other party see their own progress, but also can really harvest things.

Life is not just a romance. You need to know how hard you have to work to live a good life. You need to know how hard you have to work to look effortless. You also need to know that you have to keep going and make yourself better in order to protect your love.

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