I really want to win after graduation.

I really want to win after graduation.
A day for fresh graduates.

but because I can be "me" only when I play games. Whether the victory or the crystal is pushed away, it all comes from me.

during the day I have to send A4-sized resumes with my own appearance to various mailboxes and wait for HR to sift through them. I always can't figure out what kind of talents those enterprises need. Obviously, I meet all the hard conditions, but I always can't get a reply from them.

I was too ashamed to raise my head and said, "No, I just want to learn."

then I got smarter, and before I could wait for HR to speak, I filled in "4000 yuan" in the ideal salary column.

I pulled the corners of my mouth and smiled and said, "OK."

after a long time, it was naturally recognized by the owner of the noodle shop.

Nothing can stand to be compared with black formal dresses. This is the part for the unique, as you.

seeing that I wanted to turn around and leave, he shouted, "you're so late?"

"Oh." He answered as if he wanted to say something.

when I left, I thought: the plots in the late Night Canteen are really deceptive.

when I finally paid the bill, I received a Wechat from my girlfriend. She asked, "haven't you come home yet?" I have to go to bed. "

"good night." She said.

I walked home that night. Although the company is a full hour away from home, it doesn't matter. Losers should go home in the same way as losers.

this makes me uncomfortable, but I dare not say anything, because as soon as I post something on social media, I will immediately be called "straight male cancer" and will never turn around.

in fact, I think I have worked very hard, but the betrothal gifts demanded from young people in this era cannot be earned through personal struggle.

my cousin and I are in exactly the same situation, but when his sister announced to her family that she had found a boyfriend, the first question he considered was: "does the other person have any money?"

"but that's my sister. I don't want her to be worse off than she is now." With that, he drank up the Vitasoy in his hand.

because I can't figure out why my girlfriend must be better off than she is now after she marries me.

it was more than one o'clock when I got home that night. When I opened the door, I found that there was still a bowl of soup left by my mother on the table. There was a piece of paper beside the bowl, which read: "Ding hot before drinking."

I thought to myself that even if the soup was not hot, it would at least warm my heart a little bit.

I said, "Please, I can see."

"drink, can't you see?" I said.

"go to bed early."

whether to take a bath or not, I was thinking about it when I was washing the dishes.

so I'd better not wash it. Set an alarm clock to get up early tomorrow, and then go to work after washing.

although I lost in the end, it was so much fun.

it turns out that staying up late to play games is to steal some of your own time from boring days.

as you get older, the word "I want to win" planted in my heart when I was a child gradually became "I want to win". After graduation, the word "win" was distorted by the idea:

but most people admit that they have lost, but it is just a "strategic retreat". Because confident people are not welcome in this era, there are too many people waiting to see you laugh, so we have to hide behind admitting defeat and work hard secretly.

this is the most terrible state, even if they encounter the possibility of turning defeat into victory again, they will give up the opportunity.

what people fear most is that their own fear blocks the original victory and success.

just imagine being high, but going out is life.

good night.

Zhang thorns

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