I used to be afraid of failing, but now I'm afraid of losing my job.

I used to be afraid of failing, but now I'm afraid of losing my job.
A year later, I don't know if the salary is enough for the rent.

in the new semester of freshman and sophomore year, my friends and I will promise to set up two flag, one is to get rid of one, and the other is to study hard.

as for getting out of order, most people directly regard it as a daydream.

but this shift in mindset of "giving up study" does not make it any easier.

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compared to unemployment, failing is a bit cute.

my friend KK is a regulated major.

watching the frail female classmates grinding around desperately with steel bars in their hands, she could not help shaking her head and sighing.

because she didn't like this major, she couldn't learn anything, so she was always afraid that she would fail last semester.

one day when she was reviewing, her friend asked her out, but she refused later in the name of reviewing. The friend said, "Oh, what are you going to learn? do you really plan to go to electric welding after graduation?"

she couldn't read any books that day and kept thinking about the coming problem.

I am also often afraid of failing.

sometimes I really want to leave the book on the ground.

although he was sure, he never failed.

so anxious that I have to click on the job search information on those recruitment websites, sift through the jobs I like one by one, and carefully search for possibilities about the future.

it turns out that one month's internship salary may not even be able to afford to rent a house.

3. There is no chance to take a make-up exam at work.

A year after graduation, she suddenly said in an envious tone: "only college students have the courage to add the word" like "in front of work."

she said in a relaxed tone that she had been fired again and had been an intern for less than 20 days.

Beijing was a little gloomy that day. She sighed habitually and continued to send her resume numb and accustomed.

it's just that the grandmother on the other end of the phone always repeats, "son, are you tired?" Why not come back? " . Unexpectedly, although he had experienced a lot of unpleasant things, Zhouzhou firmly said that he would not go back for the time being.

she especially comforted me that day:

I have seen many graduated brothers and sisters, and

I have even seen many college students who are worried about "unemployment."

so employment is, in a way, an exam.

of course, I admit that the pressure of employment is much greater than that of exams, because it determines our future standard of living. But I am also convinced that it is a necessary pressure to change from a student to a worker and from an amateur to a professional.

and we always get used to it for the life we want and for the people who are important.

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