I wish you an early lovelorn.

I wish you an early lovelorn.
I always thought you were still here.

Ari always seems so cheerful.

having not seen her for a long time, she dragged me into a cafe and said she wanted to invite me to dinner.

I know that she is talking about the article "I don't want you, you go" that I wrote after I broke up.

is not trying to be brave, it's really much better.

after crying, do not listen to Eason Chan, do not pay attention to chocolate cake, do not care about the Warriors, slowly pull out.

when she recovered from her memory, Ari's Soup Noodles with Sirloin had already been brought up.

I took a sip of frozen lime tea and found her wearing the necklace given by Amu around her neck.

so all night long, I was enlightened by Ari and kept being stuffed with dog food from these details, feeling angry and funny.

but I actually envy Ari more than high achiever.

dealing with a relationship is probably a hundred times more difficult than getting a high score in the exam.

late one night during the summer vacation, I saw a picture of a high school party in my moments.

I was so angry that I immediately picked up my cell phone and called Ari, ready to expose the scum man's affair.

I sighed and had to give up and make a sarcastic comment.

speechless, I had no choice but to delete the comments and apologize.

when asked the other day why Ari hadn't posted on moments for a long time, she said she was too lazy to post it.

her white schoolbag was so old that it was yellowed, covered with scratched handwriting, and her shoulder straps were about to be broken.

the set of numbers on the cover picture is still the date when I started to fall in love.

all the seemingly reasonable things have been created as if they had not yet broken up.

she's not hiding it from me, that's not necessary.

keep it from yourself as if he never left.

I revisited Chongqing Forest last night, and I still feel sorry for the policeman 663 played by Tony Leung Chaowei.

so after she left, every time she came home, she always said to the wardrobe, "I know you're back. Hurry up and come out. I'll count to three. One, two, three."

but he is not sad either, just mocking himself: "she used to like to jump out of the wardrobe to scare me, but recently she is much less, hum, also said, play too much will be tired of ah. Will she hide in the bathroom?

frowned and said to the soap: "Don't give yourself up. I saw that you were fine a while ago. Why are you so fat all of a sudden?! Although she is not here, you still have to meet people. Don't indulge yourself any more. "losing weight

would rather be her usual business trip than admit:

some people say this is" lovelorn syndrome ", but in my opinion, it should be called" unable lovelorn syndrome ".

remember every anniversary better than anyone if you treasure the legacy left by your ex;

still leave him at the top and learn about the situation from the ten photos seen by strangers.

I just don't dare to tell myself: "I'm already lovelorn."

it takes a lot of courage to admit loss.

I once thought about going to scold Ari in an attempt to expose her self-deception.

on second thought, it seems unnecessary.

No one can wake up a person who pretends to sleep, nor can he make a person who doesn't want to leave be lovelorn.

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I think their love is the same.

just don't forget that only by admitting that you are lovelorn can you talk about "letting go" and "coming out".

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if you like, listen to me not to speak.

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