If you like someone, be nice to yourself.

If you like someone, be nice to yourself.
Learn to love yourself first.

only A Xin, is a person.

I still know her well. I know that she is not saying that the concert is over, but that her relationship with Dajun is over.

A Xin's dormitory door, often hang a few boys' clothes, do not have to ask to know it is to help Dajun wash.

what's more, Axin, who always cares about her image, doesn't wear makeup, doesn't buy new clothes, goes to class without makeup every day, and doesn't even wear sunscreen on a hot day.

I don't know how much it is, but when I look at the figure sign in the picture, I think it's very expensive.

at that time, I naively thought that love was like this and gave unconditionally for each other.

when I heard from Axin's roommates that they had broken up, I was saddened.

"it's just so good to him that I forgot to be good to myself."

on Valentine's Day, Dajun only gave A Xin a mobile phone case and bought the wrong model.

so one time, A Xin finally couldn't help quarreling with him.

get up, pay the bill, leave, the whole action is so neat.

at that time, the song played in the dessert shop happened to be Lin Yoga's "cruel Moonlight"

at that moment, A Xin began to like to listen to Lin Yoga.

although breaking up is a sad thing, Ah Xin, who is single again, begins to care about her image again.

she, who used to watch Dajun play in the sun, was tanned a lot and her skin became dry.

and WIS's invisible moisturizing mask is her favorite. Because it fry chicken to replenish water, and it also has the effect of even skin tone and conditioning skin.

Invisible moisturizing mask

at first, I only heard of WIS, never used its products, and kept a wait-and-see attitude. Later, I found that more and more people around me are using its products. Curiously, I checked on the Internet and found that WIS is a professional cosmetic brand, which is more rigorous, scientific and safe than ordinary cosmetic products . /strong>. Production technology and raw materials are imported from Switzerland , and cooperate with RAHM Group, a large Swiss enterprise.

Who doesn’t want to look better in her favorite prom dress style for broad shoulders? Perfect for formal functions or informal parties.


adhering to the product concept of "Scientific and effective extreme skin feeling" , the WIS R & D team not only considered the super water absorption ability of hyaluronic acid , but also added plant essence- Centella asiatica and rosemary. these two ingredients are the main ingredients in Sisley Heathley omnipotent lotion , which can stimulate skin vitality and refresh the skin. The combination of the three can make the skin coruscate new vitality from the inside out.


I have always thought that the value of the mask lies in the nutritional composition of its essence.

oversized set: oversized set, cabbage price. Most of the masks on the market are 5-piece or 10-piece packages, while WIS invisible moisture mask 24-piece set costs less than 100 yuan ! Are there any big surprises? May I ask, who has such a large quantity?

popular items of celebrities on the Internet: Tmall is one of the best-selling face masks for makeup, with monthly sales approaching 100000. The personal experience of hundreds of thousands of users, the hydrating mask used by the Internet celebrity star Aimeida people, they all say fried chicken to replenish water.

come home from work, before going to bed, make a mask SPA to replenish fresh blood to the tired self, inject water power into the skin, let the skin soak in the water, indulge in the essence, and enjoy the continuous supply of energy. This is really the most enjoyable moment of my day!