If you really love each other, both husband and wife or lovers will do it.

If you really love each other, both husband and wife or lovers will do it.
How lucky you have to be in your life to be the exception and preference of another person.



I have read such a sentence in a book, and I like it very much:

"the world is moving, but when the white porcelain plum soup hits the wall in the middle of summer, the crushed ice rattles."

when love comes, it is always caught off guard, it makes people so happy that they can't help it, and everything in the world is excited.

especially when one heart meets another heart, when one person is really in love with another person, he will take good care of and cherish the other person.

people who take you to heart will always think of you from your point of view.

there is a saying:

"everyone is an egoist, and only in front of a loved one will he become an altruist."

there is an element of selfishness in human nature, but once you meet love, you will choose to compromise and surrender unconditionally.

because in the heart of those who love you, your joys and sorrows will always come first, and your success or twists and turns will always be his first consideration.

people who take you to heart will always think of you first, will never do anything against you, nor will they let others hurt you.

so he will always think from your point of view, think about what you think, and try his best to pave the way for you. May you have a smooth road.

as the saying goes:

Love is to take care of, love is to make you comfortable.

the sweetest lover will not give you everything he thinks is the best, but to find out what you want and send it to you silently.

this kind of love is understanding, support, thoughtfulness, sincerity, knowing what you think, knowing what you want, and only for you all your life.

people who take you to heart always make you feel relaxed and let you be yourself without burden.

in a relationship, everyone will have some pressure more or less, for fear that what they have not done well will make the other party angry, and that they will be disgusted if they are not good enough.

but the person who really loves you never needs you to change yourself for his sake.

because he loves you only because you are who you are.

therefore, he will not put pressure and burden on you, will not force you to cater to anyone, let alone let you change yourself to become what he likes, but respect your ideas, support your choices, and make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

in front of him, you don't have to pretend, be free, and just be who you really are.

as in "intimate relationship":

"Love in the right way, not changing each other, not wronging ourselves, so that we can all get what we want to love and be loved."

those who take you to heart will always leave all favorites and spoils to you.

Zhang Xiaoxian once said such a paragraph:

"what do women want? The answer is actually very simple. No matter what she looks like, there is only one thing she wants: lots and lots of preferences. "

Yes, not love, but preference. Because you love someone deeply, preference is the best proof.

it represents the special, represents the only, is between you and others, must choose you; between right and wrong, or choose you; as long as there are your options, will choose you.

as the saying goes:

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wish a person to be partial and generous in this life.

when a person really falls in love with you, he will not only always favor you, but also give you unlimited favor.

because, as the writer Su Qin said, love to the extreme is pet:

"A person who loves you will always remember you in his heart; a person will love you very much and will indulge you at ordinary times; only those who regard you as more important than himself will spoil you."

to put you in the heart to hurt, is to give you a unique preference, but also to give you a unique favor.

everything in the world is bitter, his blatant preference is redemption, and his infinite tenderness is happiness.

Xi Murong wrote this paragraph in her monologue:

"not all people can know the meaning of time, not all people know how to cherish it. There is no fate of separation and aging in this world, only hearts that are willing to love and refuse to love. "

Yes, although love is instinctive, not everyone knows how to love well.

therefore, if you are lucky enough to meet someone who really loves you and puts you at ease, you must cherish it.

because how lucky you have to be in your life to be the exception and preference of another person.

, good night.

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