"I'm scared. That's why I work so hard."

"I'm scared. That's why I work so hard."
"I wish I had a choice."


I have imagined my future more than once.

like many people, I have no plans for my life.

I don't know where I'm going to live. I don't know if I want to buy a car. I don't even know if I want to get married.

but I have a small wish that my future will be "served".

what is the service?

is the ticket provided by the cinema, the cleaning aunt who comes to the door once a week, and the Didi driver who is on call.

being served will have more happiness, while if you have no money, you can only constantly suppress your needs.

Poverty often leads to a question: "is it worth spending money like this?"

for example, if you find a dress you like, you will wonder whether it is worth it; when you see a favorite singer giving a concert in your own city, you will consider whether it is worth it; and even when you travel, you will constantly compare the means of transportation when you travel to see which is more cost-effective.

sometimes I think the word "performance-to-price ratio" has its own tragic color.

between saving desperately and saving as much as you can, many people's lives slip by.

I try hard to make money because I know that money can increase the chances of happiness in life.


recently, the Legend of Wukong was released, and Peng Yuyan once again appeared in the public eye with a new image.

there is a joke circulating on the Internet: every time Peng Yuyan makes a movie, he learns a new skill.

when filming Dolphin in Love with Cat, he got a dolphin trainer's certificate;

when filming Guild Wars, he developed a body with only 3% body fat in three months and learned MMA, Brazilian jujitsu, Muay Thai and lock skills.

when filming "Hero Dream of Huang Feihong", he learned Tiger-Crane double-shaped Boxing and I-Fu Tiger Boxing half a year later.

when filming Breaking Wind, he rode almost all the mountains in Hong Kong, riding an average of 120 kilometers a day, training for five to six hours at a time, and got a racing license.

while filming Operation Mekong, he began gun training, learned Thai and Burmese, and mastered self-defense with the Royal Thai Royal Security Guard.

I began to look forward to seeing Peng Yuyan from cream to actor in my lifetime.

Peng Yuyan said: "I just don't have talent, so I work hard. I'm not afraid of hardship, but I'm afraid I won't learn anything." In fact, talent is very ethereal, and only hard work is real. "

what he calls talent represents many things: such as interests, such as luck, such as talent.

he doesn't believe in these "talents", he believes more in his real efforts.

courage to change is not inborn.

there must be something behind people's efforts to change.


Zhihu has a well-liked answer: are there really many poor people in China?

both his and his wife's families belong to wealthy families in third-tier small cities. in 2011, he and his wife graduated at the same time, and in October of the same year, his father-in-law was diagnosed with cancer.

the combined annual salary of he and his wife in 2011 was 200000. By the end of the year, it cost about 80, 000 to treat the elderly. In July 2013, his father-in-law died, spending a total of about 1 million, reimbursing less than 350000, and they spent more than 300,000 on the rest.

he said it was the first time he felt so close to cancer and sincerely felt that it was good to have money.

in March 2014, his father suffered from severe dysfunctional anemia at a daily cost of 10,000 yuan. His father survived only 35 days in the hospital.

as he said, our generation works hard from childhood to study hard and adults to work hard. The supporting answer behind this is to solve all kinds of "poverty".

because you don't know what kind of joke fate will play on you.

money can't solve everything, but this is sense of security.

working hard, changing your mind, and solving financial problems are only part of our goals.

our ultimate goal is to create a comfort zone for ourselves.

this comfort zone is not for comfort, but for ability.

not only for ourselves, but also for those who are important to us.


in fact, most of the time, some people will wonder why people have to live so tired and work so hard, and why they have to pursue the so-called comfort zone all the time. Isn't it good to spend their lives in an ordinary way?

first tell a story of personal experience:

once I wrote until two o'clock. When I was hungry, I went downstairs to find something to eat. When I went downstairs, I found that the only Shaxian restaurant around me was closed, a little disappointed.

just as I was about to go back hungry, I saw a barbecue on the other side of the road.

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because of the smoke, the boss's face was glowing and there was a pile of chicken wings, sausage and leeks in front of him.

after I finished ordering, a child with the same glossy face darted out from behind me.

is the boss's son.

after some questioning, I found that the child is particularly smart, articulate and not afraid of birth. He is just in the second grade this year and comes to the barbecue with his father every night.

it suddenly occurred to me that when I was my age, I probably fell asleep under the comfort of my mother, so it wouldn't be so hard.

what bothers me is that after talking to me, he said to me, "Brother, I'm sleepy. I'll lie down for a while."

then he leaned against the railing of the tricycle and snored.

I can see that he is already very tired.

back to the question at the beginningMy answer is: no.

because I know that people who claim to be ordinary are very easy to compromise, and once they have a love in their heart, they are not qualified to compromise.


to be honest, if I am alone, I don't mind living a wavy life, it doesn't matter.

but I'm not.

I am willing to change the focus of my life for something more important, and then continue to love my new life.

recently watched a video in which the child inadvertently discovered his mother's "secret":

it turns out that the mother used to know nothing but rock and roll, could not sweep the floor, could not cook or iron clothes, but magically became omnipotent after having children, doing housework as warm-blooded as before.

We pursue value passionately, often not because we think about fame and achievement, but because we have people we want to protect.

and it is because of these people that we can overcome so many difficulties and be able to "turn on all the power".

ordinary people are generally the same, and there are only a few people we want to take good care of in our lives.

I was told by my friends that attentive companionship will make life better for important people.

I don't think that's enough.

just like the mother in the video of VIPSHOP's Home Appliances Festival: I think if we want to make the lives of important people better, we have to let them live a better life.

tomorrow is VIPSHOP's Home Appliances Festival. I like this Home Appliances Festival for the following reasons:

1. There is an authentic guarantee, and most of the contents are selected from all over the world.

2. Without the guise of a discount, the prices of goods are reduced directly and there are a lot of surprises.


standing in front of the barbecue that night, I told myself that I must not let my children stay up late and sell barbecue with me.

because if our generation does not bear hardships, the suffering of the next generation will have to be double.

wish you a lot of money. Good night.