In fact, we often misunderstand autism.

In fact, we often misunderstand autism.
You can't change it until you see it.

my friend asked me what I thought.

just like the poor living environment for homosexuals in China ten years ago, today, although the gay community has not been truly equal, it is still better than it was ten years ago.

so today I don't want to comment on who is right and who is wrong in this incident. I just want to talk as much as possible about some misunderstandings about autism.

was found to have a great talent for painting two years ago

if you type "autism" into Google search, the second associated keyword is autistic genius.

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but what people don't understand is that there are many categories of in autism , and there are great differences between different categories.

while the characteristics of "scholar syndrome" appear only in 10% of autistic children.

parents with autism also mistakenly thought so, only to find that their children were more comfortable shaking a piece of paper in the corner when they kept giving instructions.

2. The living conditions of people with autism

(just to make it easier for people to understand their situation. This classification is not accepted by professionals and literature, and it is also controversial. )

and more autistic patients actually fall into the category of low to moderate function.

coupled with the fact that the causes of autism are not known at home and abroad, it can not be cured, so the family can only be relieved through high intervention training.

the financial and psychological burden is not as beautiful as when we see children painting, let alone an outsider who can explain it in a few words.

(if anyone wants a more intuitive understanding of the lives of people with autism, they can take a look at the Nest Builder, a documentary in Taiwan.

3. Autism in the eyes of the public

the public's understanding of the autism group is still not comprehensive, and its classification is not clear.

so that the public can't actually see the silent part, and often misunderstand the autistic group, thinking that they are all bright stars waiting to be dug.

but in fact, those autistic patients with higher functions are integrated into social life as much as possible, and most of those sent to institutions cannot live independently, have been screened, and they will inevitably make mistakes in judging this problem.

the public's incomplete understanding of people with autism can easily lead to all kinds of misunderstandings and guesses. For example, some people despise their tragic situation, while others are suspicious of public welfare projects.

but don't just stop at "look" this step.

I don't advise you to volunteer and break into the lives of people with autism without knowing anything.

for many patients, they are extremely sensitive to various details of the outside world.

so unprofessional volunteers who go to the scene are likely to satisfy their goodwill psychologically and act against their original intention.

those who speak louder, strive to present the most authentic side and broaden the public's understanding of this; those who speak quietly, far away, spread good things, and try not to treat the public welfare with an aggressive attitude.

when seeing some bad voices in this incident, VIPSHOP also contacted us and told us that they had also been in contact with autistic groups in the past two years, helping them through companionship and inclusion.

since July, VIPSHOP has visited four public welfare organizations and special schools and selected more than 300 paintings by autistic children to help them sell through the platform of "Love only Workshop."

someone has to stand up and do these things. VIPSHOP or others, I would like to believe that the original intention of the organizers is to make more people pay attention to autism and let those children win a better life on their own.

good night.

Life is like this, it's better to