In our early 20s, why are we so afraid of losing?

In our early 20s, why are we so afraid of losing?
Good night.

We are experiencing the life crisis of quarter-life crisis 1/4, that is, in the 1/4 stage of life, probably in our early 20s, we tend to feel confused, desperate, always feel lost, especially afraid of losing, and feel that true love will not befall us.

A Qing is good-looking. The last time I saw her, she wore a red long sleeve. I didn't praise her to her face, but I felt in my heart that the dress looked really good with that lipstick.

because of what I experienced later, I was really telling me that the reason why some of my good friends are still single is not that they are bad, but that they are really "harder to pick up and harder to let go" than anyone else.

at that time, A Qing didn't like him so much, so it took her a whole summer vacation to make a decision to be with him.

the two cities are not far apart for more than an hour, but far enough for lovers who are passionately in love.

if there is a balancer in the relationship, in our opinion, 24 filial piety is naturally biased towards Ah Qing. A Qing is never stingy to praise him in front of others, how to talk on the phone with him every day, accommodate his capriciousness and fill his own insecurity.

I still remember that A Qing got up very early that morning. She sat in her seat, turned her back to us and asked her what was wrong. She turned around and burst into tears.

so we split up. No matter how much she begged him, it was useless. I called and hung up.

it was her first relationship. At the age when she thought "commitment is worth a thousand dollars", she was completely crossed by a late phone call and a tone of extreme boredom.

between them, they often show their love and break through a third party, but they still break up.

I used to be afraid of losing, of not meeting better, of failing to live up to everyone's expectations, and I made myself try my best to lower my bottom line and forgive.

even cry and kneel down to clean up the mess, just to maintain the illusion that two people are in love.

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I don't know when it started, and the generation we called ourselves "so cool" became so afraid of losing.


, A Qing took the model and went to Shenzhen to look for him, but he heard that she was coming and avoided early.

when she left his dorm that day, it was the happiest time she had spent in worry and fear in more than a year.

I'm the only one who loves her. I love her from the bottom of my heart. I know she gives far more than they see.

A Qing said to me, "all I told you was that he was cooperating with me. I didn't say that. In fact, I worked very hard myself, and I was always afraid of losing it."

maybe she doesn't like it so much, but she's just afraid of loneliness and loss.

Today, listening to Eason Chan's "always with me", this is a song I like very much. I used to hear the complete loneliness, but now I hear Eason Chan sing happily.

watching every play together, sighing every breath

working with you

spending every minute with you

every minute without me

every second, it seems to be physically inseparable, but in fact, in a deeper sense, it is consistent in spirit and understanding.

all our lives, whether we make friends or fall in love, we only ask for a "spiritual understanding" instead of kneeling down to ask for anyone's understanding, that is, "Love can't come, steal hate love from boredom" written in the song.

inappropriate feelings, such as propaganda paper for the treatment of psoriasis outside the rental room, will not be so easy in the future if they are not removed as soon as possible.

maybe the whole world is telling you that we don't have time, it's too late.

good evening, I am Yuanxia.

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