In your 20s, don't go after sense of security.

In your 20s, don't go after sense of security.
Uneasiness makes one progress.

so don't keep saying that "sense of security can only be given to yourself". Nowadays people are more and more pursuing "cool", which is half the responsibility.

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this sentence is true, but in the same way, the sense of security you give yourself will "disappear".

No matter how good a person is, he cannot always be safe.

Yes, insecurity always seems to be linked to bad things.

in fact, the biggest problem in that friend's interview is precisely the sense of security brought to him by his excellent learning ability.

and those three months of anxiety and self-doubt made him fully aware of his deadliest shortcomings.

when you feel anxious or uneasy, you shouldn't think about how to be safe, you should find the source of your unease and fix it.

those who stay in hell know how to be rampant. Good night.

Wang Zepeng

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