Manage yourself (this article is priceless)

Manage yourself (this article is priceless)
May you and I never forget our original ideals and aspirations and make ourselves a better look.

Drucker, the father of modern management, said: "if we compare life to an enterprise, we are the best managers of our own business."

excellent enterprises are inseparable from proper management.

the same is true of people. Only by managing yourself well can you live the life you want.

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manage your own position

if enterprises can't find the right position and choose the wrong track, they won't be able to open their own market.

people are the same, if they can't find the right position, they will miss a lot of opportunities.

Chris Gardner, an investment expert, started selling medical devices. He gets up after 5 o'clock every day. The first thing he does when he wakes up is to call his clients.

for a long time, he could not afford the rent and his son's tuition, and was almost cornered by life.

until once, when he was selling medical equipment at the door of a securities firm, he met a successful person.

the other party stopped to chat with him, and he casually asked, "what do you do?"

the man pointed to the securities firm ahead and replied, "I am a stockbroker."

he bowed his head and whispered, "you have to go to college to be a stockbroker, right?"

the other person said, "No, just be proficient in numbers."

hearing this, Chris recalled that he had been repeatedly turned away from sales, and suddenly realized that he was not fit to deal with people.

so he made up his mind to change careers.

he used his spare time to study, missed every training opportunity, and finally passed an internship interview with a securities company and became a stockbroker.

later, he worked hard on this road and finally became a famous financial investment expert in the United States.

the writer Shuimuran once said, "the value of a person depends on whether he can position himself correctly."

if you feel like life is hitting a brick wall right now, you may be putting yourself in the wrong place.

when you redefine your position and work hard for it, you can also be a winner in life.

manage your own products

someone asked a famous product manager, "what is the most fulfilling product you have ever operated?"

the manager smiled, pointed to himself and said, "my best product is my own ability."

A friend of mine in the media once told me a story.

at that time, he had just left the system and switched to the field of new media. Because of his non-professional background, although he worked very hard and wrote a lot of articles, the final result was not satisfactory. At one point, he wanted to give up.

until one day, his leader said something to him.

the leader asked him, "if you spend three years ploughing new media, can you temper your words to a professional level?"

he hesitated, "I think so."

then, the leader said: "in three years, if you give up, you will not change after three years." But you only need to study for three years to be proficient in the industry. Why not give it a try? "

that is, from then on, besides finishing his daily work, he read a lot, dismantled excellent articles and kept on writing every day.

every article, from the selected topic to the golden sentence, from the material to the text, is polished bit by bit.

in less than a year, he changed from a rookie who doesn't know anything to the lead writer of an account.

three years later, he has already become a leader in the industry, his salary has increased several times, and he is still a little famous.

A person's value is in direct proportion to his ability.

only by settling down and polishing your "products" to the extreme can you make yourself irreplaceable.

manage your own customers

in 2002, someone conducted a survey of dozens of Chinese entrepreneurs to study the secret of their success.

it turns out that among the conditions for their success, opportunity ranks second, followed by customers and circles.

this reminds me of a story I read before.

Mark Hansen and Anthony Robin are both one of the top five orators in the world.

once, when they spoke on the same stage, Hansen asked Robin off the stage:

"We are all teaching others how to succeed, but why do I earn only 1 million a year while you net 10 million a year?"

Robin stared at him and asked, "who do you spend every day with?"

Hansen straightened himself up and said, "I'm with millionaires every day."

Robin smiled: "I spend every day with multimillionaires."

this story coincides with a passage on the Internet.

the circle of ordinary people is talking about meddling, earning wages and thinking about tomorrow.

the circle of businessmen is talking about projects, making profits, and thinking about next year.

the circle of entrepreneurs talks about opportunities, earns wealth, and thinks about the next decade.

join the excellent circle and get close to the strong people, so that you can stand at a higher starting point.

Manage your own word-of-mouth

reliable, is a person's best reputation.

self-media author

@ Qingge

told a story.

she has a friend who is engaged in corporate training and often needs to go out to give lectures. Every time she goes on a business trip, the company will send an assistant to accompany her.

once, the company arranged for her a highly educated assistant who graduated in 985.

my friend had high expectations of the assistant, but in the first class, he forgot to bring the tools to interact with the students and almost left the course in the middle of the class.

my friend didn't care, but told him to be thorough next time.

but in the second class, he forgot to check the battery of the microphone in advance. The microphone was dead and his friend had to speak at the top of his voice. After the class, his throat became hoarse.

after returning from a business trip, my friend reported to the company that the assistant was fired.

later I heard that the assistant went to several companies, all of which failed to pass the internship because of unreliable work.

finally, the reputation in the industry is getting worse and worse, so they have to change careers to find another way out.

think of Buffett's saying: "Reliability is a more important quality than intelligence."

the people who can handle things well in the workplace are often not smart people who are high-minded and low-skilled, but those who are willing to do stupid things and make people feel at ease.

being reliable is the best business card for a person to walk in society.

manage your own vision

in 1970, at the graduation ceremony of Harvard University, the school gave graduates a pre-graduation vision test.

the survey shows that among this group of graduates:

3% of people have clear and long-term goals;

10% of people have clear but relatively short-term goals;

60%, the goal is vague;

27% of people have no goals.

25 years later, Harvard contacted these students again to learn about the current situation of their lives, and found that:

at that time, many of those who had clear and long-term goals became top people from all walks of life, including self-made entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and social elites.

those who have 10% short-term goals have mostly become indispensable talents in the industry, such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, senior executives, etc.

60% of people with vague goals lead a stable life and have a stable job;

while the remaining 27% of the people who have no goals, almost all live unsatisfactorily, hovering on the edge of food and clothing for a long time, living on social relief.

Harvard University named the discovery "Elite Life trajectory experiment" and summed up a conclusion:

people who know how to set a vision for themselves in advance are often more likely to succeed.

someone once said: "the regret in life is not that the goal has not been achieved, but that you have no goal at all."

how far a person can go in the future does not depend on where he starts, but on where he looks.

the direction of the heart, always in the past, as long as you aim high, no matter how far away, you can finally reach it.

the writer Wang Zuoluo said: "there is also a business model in life. You should run yourself like running a company."

your positioning is your market, and your ability is your product.

while maintaining good customers, work towards your own vision and build your reputation with reliability.

when you start to manage yourself with your heart, you can continue to add value in the market of life.

, may you and I never forget our original ideals and aspirations and make ourselves a better look.