Men miss the highest state of a person: six words

Men miss the highest state of a person: six words
Missing is sweet, but also bitter.

Zhang Xiaoxian wrote this sentence in "missing":

Love is a never-ending yearning for each other, a concern that can never be let go, and a willing bond.

I agree with you.

after all, sweet talk may be false, but missing can't deceive people.

missing is not seen in one day, such as three years;

is to look at the twilight at dawn and the clouds, thinking of you when you walk and thinking of you when you sit.

when a man loves you deeply, he can't help thinking of you, and his thoughts will be filled with every moment after being separated from you. Although he will not declare them in his mouth, he will express them in his actions.

if he misses to the extreme, it will be reflected in these six words.


it is said that companionship is the most lasting confession.

because the loved one is right in front of him, a smile, a kiss and a hug can make him extremely happy.

but when two people are together, it is inevitable that they will be separated, and their thoughts will grow like weeds at that time.

I will miss your frown and smile, your soft and sweet embrace, and the way you whisper in his ear.

will often be in a daze, and suddenly giggle, in addition to miss you, have lost enthusiasm for everything, tea and food, listless as if lost the soul.

there is a saying:

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"when you are here, you are the world, and when you are away, you are the only one in the world."

isn't that what happens when a man is crazy about a person?

because his heart is on the girl he loves, all that comes to his mind is you, so that he no longer has the mood to think about anything else.

because in his heart, you are his world. So much so that he sees everyone like you, and everyone misses you, but no one is you.

it can be said that asking what love in the world is, it is difficult to endure the bitterness of lovesickness.

Love is always so unstoppable that you not only have happiness, but also suffer from missing at the same time.

so, if a man misses you so much, please cherish him.

after all, only those who love you so much will be so lovesick and crazy about you.


if a man asks you what you are doing at night, the subtext is to tell you that he misses you.

for example, in the six Tales of a floating Life, Shen Fu wrote when he missed Yun Niang:

"whenever the wind unripe bamboo courtyard, the banana window on the moon, I am crazy about Jinghuai people."

Night is the time when people are most vulnerable and the craziest time to miss.

in the long night, little memories came to him like a tide, missing disaster, no intention to sleep.

have read such a sentence:

"if it wasn't for loving you, how could you stay awake late at night? every thought is about you. I miss you. I miss you so much."

because I love you, all I think about is you, so I can't sleep over and over again and can't sleep at night.

because I love you, I will restrain my urgent heart even if I want to contact you very much.

missing is born out of love and restrained by love.

he will worry that his thoughts will be disturbed by you, so try to restrain his emotions and choose to check your moments and your chat records to comfort Acacia.

then, with the bright moon Qinghui, I began to look forward to your next meeting. Put those countless thoughts in front of your eyes, let you feel his strong love.

some people say: love is always accompanied by miss, lack of missed love, there is less sincerity.

isn't it? To miss is to love.

and a man who misses you until he can't sleep must be the one who loves you badly.


see a sentence:

Love is a habit, a habit of company.

in the days with you, the sun is warm, the air is sweet, and the corners of his mouth are rising.

in the days when you are with him, he still has the courage to overcome them, even if there are many unhappiness in life and no matter how unhappy his work is.

but once you are not around, he is like a deflated ball, and life becomes bleak and boring.

although the sun is still warm and the air is still sweet, he has no reason to laugh.

when a man misses someone too much, it's easy to get depressed and smile on his face.

he will fall into memories:

recall the scenes of you laughing and playing, remembering the things you have done together, remembering every hug and kiss.

as sung in a song:

what it's like to miss someone is like drinking a glass of cold water and then condensing into hot tears drop by drop.

want to hug you again, kiss you, and share love with you. But there is no you by my side, only yearning spreads.

when the corner of the world is poor, only Acacia is endless.

missing is sweet, but also bitter. It makes life seem boring and annoying, but it also binds each other's hearts closer.

as Dong Qing said:

"missing makes the days longer and the people who are out of reach closer. Missing makes us understand that missing is another form of having. "

as the ancients said, missing is like a horse.Parting from each other is hard to stop.

some people, once they meet, they will have a glance for ten thousand years; for some people, once they start, they will never get it back.

some feelings, once sentimentally attached, will be withered; some fate, once intertwined, will be doomed.

I love you in this life, not because, no so; in this life I love you, no because, no so …