Mom and Dad, do you have any misunderstandings about looking good?

Mom and Dad, do you have any misunderstandings about looking good?
Good night.

you are not afraid to laugh when you say it. After all, "one world, one parent."

Last year, I went home with a fresh and good-looking shoulder and a new electric razor, ready to spend my summer vacation happily.

however, when my mother found out about them, things began to get out of control.

she picked up the pretty shoulders from my wardrobe in disgust and shouted to me in horror, "what kind of clothes is this?" The neckline is so wide. Do you usually wear this? "

then I found my shameful depilator in the bottom of my drawer and exclaimed, "what is this?" Why are you hiding? "

I rolled my eyes and explained to her that all girls are dressed like this now and will not walk naked. As for the shameful device, after all, it is relatively private and it is normal to put it away.

but the explanation doesn't seem to work for my mother. She still looks contemptuously at my beautiful clothes, looks at me in them, and looks good at me.

while examining, he said:

"I don't see what's so beautiful about this." The whole shoulder is leaking out. "

"is this dress easy to drop off?" "and this depilator will scratch people, right?"

No way, parents' aesthetic and we never seem to be on the same channel.

the ugliness in our eyes is called "young girl" in the eyes of our parents.

and those fashionable clothes and actions that love beauty are, in their eyes, "bad girls" every minute.

in the eyes of parents, there is no light makeup, only no makeup and heavy makeup.

my mother sometimes stared at me after makeup for a long time, then suddenly frowned and said, "Wow, what kind of lipstick are you here?" It looks like a fire. Do you think it looks good? "

once dragged me back when I was in a hurry to get out the door. Said earnestly and earnestly on the doorstep: "is your face too white?" Unnatural. "

then I was caught off guard and tried to "wipe it up" for me.

my heart growled: "what is this?" I've been wearing makeup for an hour! Are you going to wipe it evenly for me? "

in fact, I have explained to her many times that my skin is easy to "eat makeup", so I look very white when I go out, but it's actually half an hour's drive. I'll be just right when I meet my friends.

my mother did it even in public, observing my face carefully, giving "opinions", and even helping directly.

sometimes I feel so embarrassed that I explode, but when I look at her seriously and seriously, I find it funny.

at that moment, I also wanted to know how ugly I was in my mother's eyes after wearing makeup.

in the eyes of your parents, almost everything that can make you look good is not safe.

once those plastic surgery failures are reported in the news and some substandard cosmetics are exposed, my parents always pull me in front of the TV and carefully persuade me that it is naturally the most beautiful.

I said, "I don't need plastic surgery."

they immediately turned around and warned me harshly: "you also use less of those cosmetics!" Me:?

once heard a friend tell a very funny thing.

A friend has a few moles from a small face, which is still in a conspicuous cheek position, which is very important to a girl. Someone tried to give her an ugly nickname to make her more determined to let the moles disappear from her face.

so she did her homework a few years ago and planned to use laser to remove moles. Originally, the operation is only a physical process, which is very safe.

but when her parents looked it up on the Internet, they saw that "a huge energy burst out of the laser in an instant, acting on the pigment tissue, crushing and decomposing the pigment." When I was frightened, I stopped it severely at once.

this incident made me laugh shamelessly for several years.

my friend glanced at me askew and said, "you idiot, I won't give up."

sure enough, after laughing for several years, retribution came.

one day during the summer vacation, I closed the door of my room while my parents were away and dug up my hair remover from the bottom of the drawer.

the traditional razor hair remover worked so loudly that I didn't even notice my mother coming back through the room door.

just as I raised my right hand and held the depilator in my left hand, my mother heard a noise break into the door and shouted, "what's that noise?" What are you doing? "

for the first time in my life, I felt the stillness of time, and the scene was once very awkward.

then I lost my temper: "are you polite?" Why didn't you knock before entering the door? Why do you always make such a fuss? You're really annoying. "

Mom saw that I was really angry and began to be at a loss. She smiled awkwardly and closed the door and went out.

I have been picking up food for me with a smile on my face all the time during dinner, so that I can eat more.

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after dinner, I just stood up and said, "you don't have to clean up, you don't have to clean up, you go and watch TV."

in fact, not long after my mother went out, I was already angry and annoyed that I shouldn't have spoken like this just now.

but I do secretly rejoice in my heart that it is good to lose my temper.

after picking up the dishes, my mother came and sat next to me and patted my thigh. I thought to myself, you won't give me any advice.

but my mother sheepishly explained to me my parents' strange aesthetics.

she said, "I'm sorry to bump into the room so impulsively this afternoon." But you know, when I heard outside the door and didn't know what machine was ringing inside, I was really nervous. You are my daughter. "

it's not that they can't tell the difference between good-looking and bad-looking. In addition to the inevitable differences in aesthetics caused by the differences of the times, what is more important is "I'm sorry, I'm really nervous, you're my daughter."

that night, my mother imitated her father's tone and said, "Oh, you see, your daughter's whole shoulder is leaking out. Now it's not safe to take a bus or anything outside." It's already very good-looking, and it's not good to dress like this. "

looking at my mother's imitation, I actually think that my father, who is unaesthetic and unreasonable, is kind of cute.

unlike us, they don't have many ways to grasp a wide variety of information. The TV news that is very decent for them frightens them again.

just watching those high-tech products squeak on us, like decoration, we do not know whether it is safe or not, for fear that we will cater too much to the aesthetics and vision of others, waste unnecessary money and hurt ourselves.

then I learned to be smart.

I brought a "quiet" cool techs device home this summer vacation.