My circle of friends is empty.

My circle of friends is empty.
Miss you in moments.

one day I saw her post a picture on Weibo's moments, which was Wechat's moments, so she ran to download Wechat and took the trouble to browse it.

many people may have forgotten the reason for using Wechat for the first time, but I bet you probably started using Wechat for someone's moments.

such as one finger above, one flower, one finger below, and one poop, meaning flowers are placed on cow dung.

I used to paranoid about Wechat as my private place, adding only those friends who I thought were important. So by sophomore year, there were only 146people on my Wechat buddy list.

but as Wechat is used by more and more people, I "have to" add a lot of people-"friends" who can't even remember their names;

after the number of people

, those moments that I really care about are always held up by some inexplicable things, such as advertising, voting, health science popularization, etc.

he scolded me with a smile: "No, I often post on moments. Are you blocking me?" Click into the avatar and find that what he said is true.

but it doesn't matter. I'm smart enough to block unimportant moments.

but strangely enough, my friends are posting less and less moments.

probably because there are a lot of "have to add" people in the moments.

in short, my friends, including myself, are posting less and less of a certain kind of moments.

remember that very important friend I mentioned at the beginning of the article?

very sad, she died again on my friend list.

this is really great.

the little guy who is full of delicious food in his moments posted on Weibo for two weeks: "I'm really tired." And I never cared about a word from her.

and the important person who died again and again on my friend list, she also secretly left a lot of her own little emotions on Weibo.

gradually I find that friends in moments either hide themselves completely or only show that positive energy posture.

it's actually a little ironic to say that at first we used our moments because of our friends, and we thought we were very happy to see what our friends were doing.

sometimes, when I look at our highly similar work photos and delicious food, I find that I can't remember anything.

my circle of friends is actually white, and I don't have any friends.

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