"my dad ate my dog." We collected 25 cruel stories in our lives.

"my dad ate my dog." We collected 25 cruel stories in our lives.
The world is so cruel.

A few days ago, team building was disorganized, and a group of people were watching the 40-into-20 issue of "China has Hip Hop" in the hotel.

in that show, the powerful Jony J was eliminated because he forgot his words, and the rap rookie OBi&M03 brothers met their divine rival HipHopMan and couldn't get tickets to the next round.

everyone felt very frustrated and complained that the competition system was too cruel and did not leave people any room for manoeuvre.

when the camera was switched to the contestant Xu Zhenzhen's face, he said: "the competition system is cruel, but isn't the world cruel?"

when I was sitting in front of the screen, I just thought this sentence was interesting, so I sent you a solicitation.

unexpectedly, after reading the stories I received backstage, I found that this cruelty is hidden in life, waiting for us to experience.

at this time, who was eliminated in a variety competition suddenly became worthless in the face of these things.

Life has never left any room for manoeuvre.

"most of the time, no one will sympathize with you."

@ Bunnyyy: Grandpa was critically ill last winter. I left the company crying in the afternoon. Two hours later, my leader sent me Wechat asking me to revise the manuscript.

@ house fall red: I can't pay for the operation.

@ Cascade: I just graduated and worked as a tutorial teacher in an educational institution in a small county. I was asked to deceive my parents into graduating from a normal school, not getting enough sleep every day, working hard to prepare lessons, and taking 20% of the class fee.

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I wanted to resign and communicate with my family, but I was scolded, "Why can't you bear hardships?" When I came back, I found Pepe's article that he didn't want to endure hardships casually, and he cried alone in his room until now.

@ David Luo: my mother had a sudden cerebral hemorrhage and was in a coma for 13 days. She said she died. Her brothers and sisters, who held my hand and said that we were a family, immediately turned against each other and asked us to give money to our grandparents for the old age.

@ Shan: Yangchengtong has no money, trapped in the subway, no cash to change money, all think I am a liar.

"I should have known that hard work is not necessarily rewarding."

@ ya7: when I was looking for an internship during my junior summer vacation, I applied for more than 20 majors, but only two companies replied. For a time, I doubted myself, and even wanted to give up taking the professional road.

@ Arrowxxx: Lao tie studied again for one year, and the result was even worse.

@ Anonymous 1: the grades of students who forget to eat and sleep are not as good as those of students who sleep in class.

@ Xi Xi: because I was persuaded to quit by my boss because I was reading at work, when I lost my job, I thought the world was quite cruel.

in fact, the world is not fair in the first place. "

@ Estrella: the family money is lent to my sister to buy a house. There is not enough money to pay my tuition. I have to look for a job tomorrow. In fact, looking for a job is not cruel, cruel is that living in their own home is like relying on others.

@ 🔅 wing: I heard a classmate say that her family had a dog, which was killed in front of her when it grew up, and watched the family eat it. She said that she cried and begged her father not to kill it, but her father said that keeping it is to eat. If you like the dog, we will buy another one.

@ Xinzhu: when I got up early to go to a part-time job for dozens of yuan of living expenses and suffered all kinds of grievances and indifference, my classmate went shopping in the street with a bag of more than 10,000 and met me. When I went back in the evening, I hid in bed and cried.

maybe others bring their own when they are born to pursue it all their lives.

@ Carrot: when I came to a first-tier city to go to college, I met a four-year-old boy.

he can play drums, fencing, robot programming, barrier-free oral communication with foreigners, and travel abroad more than once.

in front of him, I am only a person who has lived more than ten years longer than him, and I have no advantage except age.

I suddenly found that it seems to be true that it is difficult to have a noble son in a poor family.

"feelings not only make people feel happy, but also make people feel cruel."

@ facesofjt: the person I've been in love with for three years finally told me, "We have nothing to say but money."

@ bk: when I came home during the holiday, I saw my father beating my mother.

@ ⛄️: the kind of boyfriend who will go abroad in a year and won't come back.

@. Xie Jia er: the person you like is exactly the same gender as yourself.

@ level: when my ex-girlfriend said to me, "I never thought of you as the last person".

@ Godiva: the boy I like is drunk in front of me and calls the name of the person he likes.

"there are still some helpless people who are unable to change."

@ Anonymous: in the ninth year of love, my parents told me, "you don't agree with each other in the zodiac, break up, and we won't agree anyway." suddenly remembered your previous article "the last threshold for marriage is not love, not economy, but how much voice and choice you have at home."

@ Yuanzhu: my father secretly bought insurance and said that if he left and my brother and I couldn't make money, we could still use an insurance.

@ Lin Xiaoyan: maybe my father was on the phone the night before telling me not to be homesick and not to think about him. I lost him forever the next day.

@ Caviar Cola: his mother, who had suffered all her life, was killed by a drunk driver. When the family tried to make atonement for the driver, they found that his parents were still living in the adobe house, and his car wasHe bought it on a loan. At that moment, I felt that the world was cruel to everyone.

@ unkind feelings: the grandmother who brought me from childhood to big got Alzheimer's disease, and gradually I didn't recognize it. Parting from life and death is the cruelest thing in the world, but you must accept it.

maybe I was too well protected when I was a child. I always thought that people are kind, love is sacred, hard work is rewarding, and the world is fair.

when we get older and realize that this doesn't seem to be exactly the case, we feel deceived and yell at the world for why it can be so cruel.

but it is also innocent, because this is what life is like, but in the process of being constantly beautified, people always expect too much of it.

so it's an awkward age to be in your twenties-you can't fully accept the truth when you see the truth, let alone be good at it.

I can't tell you, just get through it, and it will get better in the future.

No one knows for sure.

but as long as you are alive, you must persevere.

as an anonymous reader told me in this collection: "when I want to die, I find that I can't die, because someone will be sad."

now that I have come into this world, it is not my own business.

there are too many fetters that give us a reason to live in this cruel world.

so, even if you are knocked down 80,000 times, you can only gnash your teeth and pluck up the courage to stand up and fight this lousy life again.

encourage each other, good night.