No matter husband and wife or lover, this is the obvious characteristic of a man who loves you like life.

No matter husband and wife or lover, this is the obvious characteristic of a man who loves you like life.
For the rest of my life, we will enjoy human fireworks and watch the sun, moon and stars together.

what scares you most in a sexual relationship?

some people say that it is at the moment of knowing that the other person is lying.

because you know that when he decides to lie, it already indicates that your story will probably not come to a successful end.

however, nothing is absolute.

lies are abominable, but white lies are another interpretation of "I love you".

that is to love you in the name of deceit.

so in an emotional relationship, regardless of husband and wife or lover, if a man "deceives" you so much, he must love you like life.

lying to you that you have money in your pocket when you are stretched to the limit.

there is a saying:

"those who spend money for you do not necessarily love you, but those who love you will certainly spend money for you."

money is the demon mirror of emotion.

although it is too arbitrary to take this as the standard, it is the touchstone of the human heart.

if a man, who clearly has no money in his pocket and is strapped for money in his daily life, can still firmly say to you, "tell me what you want to buy. I have money and spend it freely."

it's not that he's swollen and fat, trying to save face and suffer. But his promise to you, his deep affection for you.

as the saying goes, a penny beats a hero.

but even if life is difficult and broken silver is difficult, try to give you everything he can give you.

tell you that you have money, because you don't want you to worry about it, you just chase the moon as you please, and he will find sixpence.

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tells you that you can spend as much as you like, for fear that you will lose confidence in their future, he can't bear the pain of losing you, and he doesn't want to take a little risk.

he wants to prove to you that life with him can only be icing on the cake, not make do with grievances.

so, if your lover is obviously cash-strapped and deceives you of money surplus, please don't blame him for lying to you.

deceive you to be safe and sound when you are obviously in pain.

there is a sentence on the wedding vows:

regardless of health or illness, we share weal and woe and never give up.

however, for a man who loves you like life, he is only willing to share happiness with you and is not willing to share hardships with you at all.

even if he is ill or injured, he will only choose to hide it and pretend as if nothing had happened.

Love is sometimes supported by white lies.

because he can't bear to see your panicked expression, because he doesn't have the heart to make you afraid.

it's not that it's not uncomfortable, it's not unaggrieved. He also wants to be comforted by you when he is sick, and he also wants to have you by his side to take care of him when he is injured.

however, the result of frankness will not relieve his pain, and it will make you cry for nothing.

his girl should be happy and carefree every day, away from the sorrows of the world.

in his heart, your joys and sorrows are completely above his pain, and it is his heart that is affected by frowns and smiles.

so don't think that a man is obviously sick and deceives you that he is all right, because he doesn't care about you and is impatient with your care. On the contrary, he loves you to the bone.

Zhang ailing has a saying that is quite right:

the greatest happiness in life is to find that the one you love happens to love you.

there is a moment when people who put themselves in your shoes and put themselves in your shoes are the happiest things in life.

I can't bear it, but I lied to you that everything is all right

"is life always so hard?"


Life is difficult, life is hard, and it is even more difficult for men.

Mortgage, car loan, work, family, all kinds of invisible pressure bent his back.

but even if he can't bear the load, he will only tell you that everything is all right.

I have heard a saying: the more a man loves you, the more he will "deceive" you.

I agree with you.

obviously tired for that five dou of rice, obviously overwhelmed by the burden of life, but still smiled lightly and told you, "I'm not tired, I'm fine."

A man who loves you like life will not be willing to let you face the sufferings of life.

he will carry the weight for you, and you only need to be responsible for the years.

he will walk through countless thorns and hardships for you and become an omnipotent Iron Man.

he will protect you from the wind and rain and leave a warm room for you.

so, if you meet a man who deceives you like this, please don't mind, cross the lie and hug him.

think of a sentence:

"Love is when one person believes all the lies of another person."

if there is endless heartache and care behind this person's lie, and the deep feeling that you can't bear to worry about hard work, then even if you are deceived, you will enjoy it.

those who love you like life will protect you with lies, while those who do not love you will only hurt you with lies.

I hope you all meet the person who is willing to protect you with lies, enjoy the rest of your life and watch the sun, moon and stars together.