No one lives without troubles, but reading is the antidote.

No one lives without troubles, but reading is the antidote.
Reading is the best practice in one's life.



Lin Yutang once said, "when you read, you can open your mouth, get rid of disdain, gain new knowledge, increase knowledge, see widely, and cultivate your spirit."

in many cases, the root cause of people's parochial pain and constant annoyance is that they read too little.

Reading is the antidote to all troubles

the less you read, the more shallow your mind is, the easier it is to live a miserable and difficult life.

just as Mr. Yang Jiang replied to the reader's famous saying:

"you have a bad life, just because you think too much and read too little."

A netizen on Zhihu once told his story.

once, when she went to interview for a job she had wanted for a long time, she thought that the interviewer would skip her professional knowledge and chat with her in order to test her overall quality.

ask her what books she usually read and which writer she likes.

she, who does not usually read, was suddenly confused and hastened to say a few perfunctory words about several bestsellers on the market. When he was in a panic, he got the title and the author wrong.

in the middle of the conversation, the other party told a joke, which quoted a historical allusion, but she didn't know or even know where the joke was, so she could only squeeze out an awkward smile.

in the days that followed, she kept on reading as long as she had free time.

once she quarreled with her partner and was so angry that she didn't sleep well for several nights in a row.

until she read a book about intimacy, an interpretation of the relationship between husband and wife, she suddenly enlightened and figured out a lot of things.

the anger subsided, the mood was good, and the whole person was relaxed.

when she found that reading had cured many misfortunes in her life, she realized that she had lived a miserable life because she had read too little.

Life is often like this. If you don't read much, your knowledge will inevitably be limited. As a result, you must be imprisoned by the world in front of you.

in the face of many problems, it is difficult to look at it dialectically, and it is also difficult to think about it.

if you encounter a little bit of bad luck, it is very easy to be negative, pessimistic and depressed, and you can't get out of it.

there is a good passage in the Art of Life:

"one must read all the time, otherwise he will be stingy and stubborn, and his obstinacy and pedantry is the result of his refusal to read all the time."

people can get rid of vulgarity and stubbornness only by cultivating their minds in the process of continuous reading.

in this world, no one lives without troubles, but reading is the best antidote.

Reading can heal the wounds of life

there is a saying in "when you learn to be alone": "A person's growth basically benefits from the books he reads."

Books are like medicine. Good reading can not only cure fools, but also cure the hardships of life and make people grow and transform constantly.

the book "you should fly to your Mountain like a Bird" records the inspiring true story of the girl Tara.

Tara was born into an extremely distorted native family.

her father was so paranoid and ignorant that she was not allowed to go to school, while her mother was submissive and had no opinions.

six brothers and sisters, one of whom is prone to violence, punches and kicks her easily.

and growing up in a remote and backward mountain village, Tara's childhood was made entirely of scrap copper and scrap iron from the junkyard, where there was no reading, only the roar of cranes.

in addition to raising pigs and cattle every day, he helps his father sort the scrap metal in the garbage yard, and then "roams the mountains like savages".

is such a poor girl who crawled out of the garbage and later became a doctor at the University of Cambridge and was named "influential person of the year" by time magazine.

it was reading that changed her.

I saw my brother fleeing the mountains through reading and heading for college and a better life.

Tara was affected and began to read, and she vowed to get rid of her miserable life.

with her accumulation in books day after day, she not only got an admission letter from a famous university, but later became a famous American writer.

after reading, flying out of the mountain, out of the extreme family, and completing self-redemption, Tara said with great emotion:

"I used to be cowardly, collapsed, self-doubted, and there was something rotten and smelly inside. Until I fled the mountain and opened another world, that is the new world that read to me. "

Reading is the cure for the hardships of life.

its benefits may not be immediate, but they will influence you imperceptibly and help you become a better person in your persistence.

writer Herzen said:

"Books are the most patient and pleasant companions, and they will not abandon you at any time of hardship."

the purpose of reading is not to help you achieve much.

but when you are dragged into the quagmire of life, it gives you an inner strength.

Let you have the courage and courage to cure the hardships of life and propel you closer to a better life.

Reading is the best practice in life

PussyJin once said: "the influence of people is short and weak, while the influence of books is extensive and far-reaching."

the more books you read, the bigger your mind and the wider your field of vision, and you can see that no one in the world is not a good person.

Sanmao has loved reading since he was a child, sitting, lying down, lying down, and even hiding in the graveyard on rainy days.

book not only gave her the courage to wander around the world, but also broadened her mind.

in the process of going to the Sahara Desert, no matter who or what she meets, she can deal with it calmly with tolerance and understanding.

seeing the scarce, barren and desolate desert, she did not dislike it, but regarded it as an excellent habitat full of fun and vitality.

when she meets the ignorant and ignorant villagers in backward areas, she is not disgusted, but thinks that they are simple, kind-hearted and heart-to-heart friends.

even the neighbors who often ask her for all kinds of things, she can give back her kindness, calling them "neighbors".

those words that have been read have long been melted into her blood, giving her the bearing and mind of accepting all rivers.

can not only tolerate the imperfections of the world, tolerate the shortcomings of others, but also be kind-hearted and see the best side of everything.

as she said:

"many times, I may think that many of the books I have read have become a thing of the past and can no longer be remembered.


those seemingly useless reading experiences often determine your mind and vision for the rest of your life.

so that you are not paranoid, not narrow-minded, can measure the world with different eyes, see the scenery that others can not see in life.

Zhou Guoping said: "whenever a person has a hobby of reading, he will have a special vision of the world, and even a rich and colorful world that belongs to him."

Reading is the best practice in one's life.

the more you read, the higher the realm, the bigger the pattern, and the broader your mind.

the more you read, the more you can understand the world and discover the beauty of the world.

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writer Zhou Ling said in Cognitive Awakening:

"Reading is not a repetitive act of scanning black words on white paper.

every time I read a book, I'm actually conducting a celebrity interview and talking to top experts.

Reading is the most advanced growth strategy at the lowest cost, and it is the best way for everyone to improve themselves. "

Reading is the nobility with the lowest threshold. It can comfort your spirit, sublimate your mind and purify your soul.

make you more leisurely and happy, less shallow and ignorant, free from narrow pain and worry.

, may you enrich the boredom of life and enrich the rest of your life in scholarly ink.