Not all wounds should be exposed.

Not all wounds should be exposed.
Good night.

this red hat attracts the attention of teachers and students every time in class. When I was a child, I couldn't tell whether it was the color of the hat or the unknown scar at the bottom that attracted their attention.

one day in PE class, only me and a few students who drew blackboard newspapers were left in the classroom. we talked about the car accident during our chat.

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I said, "it's hot and uncomfortable."

I shook my head: "I'm afraid the wound is too terrible to frighten others."

her concern moved me so much that I really took off my hat and said, "it's scary, isn't it?" She glanced at it and said, pretending to be calm, "it's all right, actually."

but when I was walking through the corridor after class, I heard her say to the other children, "Wang Zepeng took off his hat just now. I saw his wound."

"Yes, he dares to show it to me only when there are very few people."

"it's fine, but it's very long. He said he can't be anesthetized yet."

I turned white and walked quickly forward.

the little girl's tone and manner of speaking made me feel in a trance that she seemed a little happy. Can you understand what I mean? it's like, seeing my wound makes her proud.

I felt sick for a long time until I grew my hair long and covered the scar.

first of all, it has nothing to do with the concern of the person, and sometimes it makes the victim at a loss as to what to do. Every time their caring eyes and every time they asked me how I felt at that time, it was an irresistible torture for me.

so do you know what the third cruel thing is?

so I don't want to talk about other people's pain, even if it's to explain something for him.

not all wounds should be exposed. Good night.

Wang Zepeng

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