One day you disappear, I'll hear the songs you've heard.

One day you disappear, I'll hear the songs you've heard.
I'll wait for you.

do you have headphones near here?

can I put on my headphones and listen to today's song?

because everything starts with this song.

the first time I heard this song was late at night, the daily push of NetEase Yun Music.

I was at the dark bus stop, wearing headphones, waiting for the last bus to leave school.

there are not many people in the college town during the summer vacation, and the street lights are not turned on much.

all around me is the sound of my footsteps and the songs in my headphones.

when a voice rings, I decide to "like" this song.

I looked at the translator, and the first lyric was: "it seems to be disappearing, but it hasn't disappeared yet."

then the habitual place goes into the comments area.

when the hot comment @ account has been logged out: "Don't disappear", I thought it was a user's nickname "account logged off".

I trembled when I realized that this was really a cancelled account.

it's strange that I can't help feeling a little sad at that moment when I don't even know who he is:

"didn't I say not to disappear?"

that night I thought about it for a long time--

A person would log out of his music software account for something.

I asked a lot of people, but I still couldn't get a definite answer.

and the more I can't find an explanation, the more I care.

because I think he should be very serious when he says "Don't disappear".

but life is never determined by a serious word.

just like those who vowed never to part at that time, they always parted by mistake in the future.

and sometimes it's strange that those who leave first are always those who say don't go.

so I couldn't help but wonder if it was because I knew I was going to leave that I was deceived into being happy, saying that I would stay forever, that I would keep in touch, and that I would not disappear.

but then you left, but I don't even know when or why you left.

am I not good enough?

is someone bullying you?

is there anything else I can do to fix it?

still say that like the account that has been cancelled, it can not be found.

there are really many kinds of fools in this world.

there is a group of people who are constantly looking for and collecting "cancelled accounts" in music software.

some people call this group of people scavengers.

one of them is the nickname of the trash picker, which is called "collect logged-off accounts".

"if one day you disappear, then I will listen to the songs you have heard and walk the way you have traveled."

probably with the idea that every time she encounters a cancelled account, she will follow and collect the playlist, even though she doesn't know those people.

some people think this is pointless and call her a fool.

but unfortunately, there are a lot of people doing things similar to her.

you should have seen it, too.

after the other person leaves, they will seriously walk through the old street scene, listen to the original song again, and watch the movie they watched together.

this seems to be a ceremony about parting.

means: "I've been waiting for you."

then, maybe it won't wait, after a long time or one day soon, they will suddenly stop going to those old places, stop liking the singers, and stop watching the movie.

so is the account that "collects cancelled accounts".

after following 520 cancelled accounts, she also canceled her own account.

the last sentence left was: "I'm finally free."

I guess she may have a hard time going out, too. I guess she's waiting for someone in this way. I guess what she really wants to say is:

"I've waited for you, and now I'm not waiting."

someone is distressed to "collect cancelled accounts", saying that she guarded so many people, but finally disappeared, what's the point?

Yes, if everything will disappear in the end, why did it appear in the first place?

until a few days ago, I met "collecting cancelled accounts" in the comment area, where, as before, she was still picking up trash.

I'm a little surprised, because she should have logged off.

after clicking in, the introduction in front of me made me want to cry-

"the original owner of this nickname has been logged off, and I keep this number until she comes back."

that's someone else.

it's just that she uses exactly the same name and does exactly the same thing.

"if one day you disappear, then I will listen to the songs you have heard and walk the way you have traveled."

"I'll wait for you."

sometimes I think this era is a little cruel.

feelings and appointments can be deleted and logged out.

the first thing a breakup does is delete;

the first thing a breakup does is delete;

the first thing to get rid of the past is also to delete.

I begin to suspect that there is nothing in this world that cannot be deleted.

people always feel that the past has no meaning to them, so they choose to leave, delete, and disappear.

and at first I blamed you for leaving without saying goodbye,

but gradually, I no longer blame you for choosing to disappear.

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because I'm starting to think that you don't disappear because you're unhappy, but because you disappear.Happier.

then disappear.

and don't feel guilty. I'll be waiting.

because waiting for you to make me happy, I chose to stay where I am.

good night.

this is the initial collection of cancelled accounts

she followed 520 cancelled accounts

everyone helped her gather 1314 fans

until now