Please look good.

Please look good.
Man is his own yardstick.

I have always found Shanghainese very interesting.

those who violate these rules will be called "ugly to eat".

I remember my grandmother told me a story.

seeing that people reach middle age, the task of picking up incense cannot be completed, and his wife refuses to take concubines, so she has no choice but to adopt an orphan little punk.

on his 18th birthday, the boss hosted a banquet for many people to let his son play the piano and dance to study, which was regarded as a personal image exhibition.

it's just that at the beginning of dinner, the servant served cold dishes, and the prince picked up chopsticks, poked himself in the chest, aligned them, picked up the food and sent it to his mouth.

"beggars wander the streets and beg for food. Chopsticks are picked up by the roadside, some are uneven, and there are no stools and chairs, the most convenient thing is to align to their own chest."

as long as you can fill your stomach, the courtesy is worth a few dollars;

you seldom eat a good meal, so you don't let go of the residual juice on your chopsticks;

this rule is not someone else's rule, but self-imposed, in order to avoid becoming an ugly person.

over time, the word "eating ugly" not only spread across the country, but also began to be used not only on the dinner table.

this month's hit movie "22" has gone from almost nothing to over 100 million at the box office, thanks to the online media.

Our white and gold prom dresses are timeless and stunning, designed to enhance your ultimate femininity. We have cuts and forms to fit any silhouette.

but just a few days after the movie was released, a new set of emojis spread on the Internet.

I saw that the old man who talked about tears was matched with "I am really aggrieved" by cartoon subtitles;

an old man who sank into memories in front of the camera was forced to be "at a loss".

remember a previous hot spot again.

I don't know if I should say that she is dedicated. Within two hours of the earthquake, she collected all kinds of love stories from the earthquake, quickly wrote an emotional article, and chose to push unusually during the day for fear of being ignored too late.

it's really disgusting to rub on hot spots in a way that consumes other people's pain.


this is a meaningless question. It's like someone asked, how's the meat?

it's just that in some people's minds, there are things that are more important than eating meat.

people who eat ugly food are only rich for a while;

people are the yardstick of all things, and they should also be their own yardstick.

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