Some people dare not fall down.

it is probably that he has been working day and night recently, and the sun is so fierce that he accidentally had a low fever last night and broke out in a cold sweat.

so I finished editing the manuscript at ten o'clock and went to bed.

I woke up the next day to find that my friends cared. Of course, some bad friends came to laugh at me for being weak and sick, and to show off how long I had not been ill.

to be honest, I think the man who boasts that he hasn't been sick for a long time is a bit stupid.

because I have found out from a very young age that illness is a holiday.

when I didn't do well in the primary school exam, my mother always yelled at me too hard.

later, I got sick when I handed out the examination paper. as a result, my mother ignored my grades and let me sleep a little longer.

after that, sometimes when I fail in the exam, I will speak a little softer and look a little weaker, so as to avoid more psychological pressure.

the only thing you should do when you are sick is to rest.

some things have changed when you grow up, but some haven't changed yet.

Last night, I said, "I have a fever, thorns, please hold on" and threw her hand into bed, then said to my sister softly and happily, "I can finally go to bed before 12:00."

not long ago, the eel whale also got sick, and then said it inadvertently in the group.

when you are sick, you always want others to know.

A lot of people do this.

later I thought about it, probably because there is no excuse for you to care about me, so it is only when you are ill that you can perfunctorily say to me that you will get well soon.

but generally speaking, the comfort you wait for is not what you really want.

it's normal for people who really care about you, even if you're alive, he will say nervously, be careful not to fall.

so in fact, I don't recommend that some fools try to attract the attention of others in the form of hurting and torturing themselves.

if you fall, someone who doesn't care about you will probably say, "Ah, stupid."

when someone likes you, it's like the whole world when you get sick.

when no one likes you, go to hell.

but I was more or less liked by some people, so I got a good night or two.

in the case of illness, the biggest change when I was young and growing up was that my family was no longer with me.

it's sad to say that everyone can't help being homesick when they are sick.

but after going to college, everyone is bored to hide his true health from his family.

so for many people far away from home, they dare not get sick or fall down, because there is no one behind them.

in fact, when I wrote here, it occurred to me that I was happy-after all, only when someone cares, I feel that getting sick is something to relax more or less.

but easy can only be relaxed for a while. Don't you think I came to Tweet to chat with you as soon as I caught up with the advertisement?

having said so much, I mainly want to tell you:

if you also feel that you are empty, you can come to me and I will accompany you.

go to bed early. Good night.

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