Some people have not been admitted to heavy universities, let alone heard of 985 and 211.

Some people have not been admitted to heavy universities, let alone heard of 985 and 211.
The consequence of the backwardness of one generation is that your descendants will bear the failure of at least two generations.

he said: "if nothing else, at least in the college entrance examination, they are not as good as ours, which is determined by objective scores." If we are forcibly marked with an equal sign, it is normal for everyone to have emotions. "

in fact, the words "985" and "211" were first seen when I was a freshman visiting Zhihu.

when I was in high school, the teacher never told us such a thing at all.

so there is no need for the head teacher to talk about 985 or 211.

the name of our high school does not have such powerful words as "first", "experiment" and "foreign language". It just uses the simplest "town + middle school" as its naming method.

for example, my score in the high school entrance examination is more than 30 points behind the five major schools in the city, but it exceeds the score line of our high school by a full 100 points.

you can see how low the level of our group of students is.

this may not be true.

Dehong gets up at 05:30 every morning to recite English, changes clothes at six o'clock and runs two kilometers on the playground, and then comes back at 06:20 to wake up the whole dormitory to have breakfast. It takes him five minutes at most to have breakfast, and then he picks up the test paper and walks silently.

he went into the office to discuss problems with the teacher after class. Every time I went to hand in my homework to the head teacher, I could hear all kinds of teachers sighing to Dehong:

Dehong shook his head, hoping that the teacher would tell him again.

doesn't he work hard? try.

We can say that he is so stupid that he doesn't even know how to try.

everyone recognizes their efforts.

because some people who own "high-quality educational resources", it is difficult to know how much the learning atmosphere affects their grades.

the head teacher keeps telling us that all the top three students in the class have the opportunity to get a heavy undergraduate, that is to say, if they excel, they will only be "admitted to a heavy undergraduate".

this reminds me of my Class 33 in junior high school. There are 52 students in our class, but only 20 of them are admitted to ordinary high schools. The remaining 32 students either leave their jobs or come out to work directly.

so from the moment of birth, the college entrance examination opens the Hard mode for us.

You are in the right place with our two piece prom dresses when searching for something to make you look stunning. This selection will save so much of your precious time.

so in our "all don't work hard" schools, there are sports commissioners who memorize English words by balcony lights at 12:00 in the evening, physics class representatives who even spare their spare time, and liberal arts girls who recite politics loudly behind the teaching building at 05:00.

and those unlucky people who have been working hard all the time, I don't think we can deny all their efforts over the past three years just because some people get into 985 and they don't, and then say to them contemptuously:

it really hurts to kill everyone with one lever.

because not only is the college entrance examination, for some people, they have many "rights" from birth to be inferior to you.

it's like the last two big math problems the teacher only talks about in the office;

if because my goal is the same as yours, and then you look back and coldly drop the sentence "he is not as good as ours", this is so infuriating.

because if we do not even make these efforts, those of us who come from small places will have no way out.

even if you work hard, you can't get rid of all the shackles.

the cruelest thing is that if we do nothing, when the speed of development of the times is wide open with our incompetence, we may not know how we died.

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