Some people's love is silent, and so is some people's refusal.

Some people's love is silent, and so is some people's refusal.
He already said he didn't like you.

instead of asking, it's better to call it confirmation-I've noticed that almost every one of his moments has her likes and comments.

it's just that when I asked her why she didn't express her love, she suddenly shrunk into a little deserter who was afraid of death: "he's so good." the more I look at his circle of friends, the more I feel far away from him. "

she says she prefers relationships that take place slowly over a long period of time.

he suddenly got out of order.

"you should have encouraged me to confess my love first." She was bereaved for a long time that night, blaming me and desperately calling herself a coward, so that her beloved was preempted.

"Yes. Is there any? " She was stupefied for two seconds, searched her head to make sure that the other person had not said this sentence, and then perked up again and fired a series of shells at me:

"it is really difficult for him to make an appointment, because he is busy and has finally made an appointment a few times." he paid the bill. "

finally, he emphasized the sentence with insufficient stamina: "although I took the initiative, he didn't say he didn't like me."

she looks really hard and funny, like a lost and shameless soldier, trying to find reasons to convince herself and others.

I didn't continue to debunk her that night.

she was often so idle that she happened to find him for a chat, and she happened to say the last word every time at the end.

she was occasionally put on the plane by her roommates and was "forced" to beg for dinner friends everywhere, just to him. In the heat of

36 degrees, he happens to want to be healthier today;

she happens to believe everything.

in the relationship, some people like to hide their love with "just";

We all know that you don't have to say it with your mouth.

there is a song called "Nobita". I prefer the live version of Paida, holding a green guitar and singing affectionately in a Nobita tone:

"I have my magic weapon, too. I am always good to you, so good that I can play your husband."

many people imagined that they would end up together. But I always thought Shizuka didn't like Nobita.

in fact, Nobita also knew that Jingxiang was far away, so he begged to answer:

"give you flowers, do you love?" "Love."

he thinks that Shizuka's coming forward is a response to "I like you".

just like her,

when you are attracted, you will try your best to extract evidence that he likes you from all his actions before being explicitly rejected.

but you may not distinguish between "like" and "reciprocity".

like being asked out for a meal for a long time, you should have a treat;

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like Nobita was bullied, Jingxiang stepped forward along the way.

"he may not know that you like him" and "he may also like you" are just delusions of secret heartbeat.

he knows all about it, so sometimes refusing a bottle of Coke means "I don't like you".

if you look at yourself, you will know, for fear that people will know, and that others will not feel it.

good night.

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