Sometimes what we need is a decent exit.

Sometimes what we need is a decent exit.
Only in this way can life begin to get better.

that day, my father was about to go out on the sofa at home with his cell phone. He looked at me beside me and spit out: "look at you, you don't look like a man in his twenties at all."

and I, on the other hand, deliberately make myself "not like twenty years old".

exquisite and good-looking, with a wide range of interests, traveling around the world, or trying to make progress, you should always be the same before you can say that you are a young man in his twenties.

if a 20-year-old really had a passing standard, I would have degenerated into a "zero-score girl" when I got home.

I will stay up late, write or work, occasionally tease my little brother, and get up early in the morning still full of vitality. I will buy a movie ticket at seven o'clock in the evening, take an hour's ride after class, and fly to the city to see a movie alone.

I am not an excellent and hardworking young man, at least I am not decadent and lazy.

but for many of these things, I dare to relax and do many of these things only after leaving the supervision of my parents.

Our wedding dresses for big busts are defined by fine fabric and lasting pulchritude. Large varieties of shapes and cuts for you to choose from.

on the eve of the college entrance examination, my parents swore to me at the dinner table that I could only get a 2B score at that time, as long as I could get a 2A, I would do what I wanted when I volunteered.

but my father began to ask people around about "what major is good for girls". Then, despite my penchant for cleanliness and the strong emotion that I really didn't like the hospital, I began to lobby me to sign up for some nursing and nursing majors, claiming that I would have a stable job in the hospital and a chance to help my family.

even though I am a poor math student, finance is a "good result" for me compared to a more difficult medical major.

so far, I have never heard of anyone like me, who did not cry in the college entrance examination, but cried for five days when he volunteered.

We keep a dog at home, which is different from the way other people in the village keep their dogs. We will play with him and pay attention to his diet and health.

it sometimes runs out disobediently, no matter what we call him, but does not look back. When we are in a hurry, we frighten it with a stick made of paper.

at that moment, it was obvious that my father was training the dog, but I always thought I had heard similar words somewhere.

but I thought it didn't matter at that time, because I learned to look at the "next stop" before getting on the bus. There was an arrow on the stop sign to see the direction of the car, and then I never sat backwards.

so I guess if the dog could talk, he would probably want to say, "you never gave me a chance to fight really, so it's my fault that I can't fight." Even if one day I finally have a chance to get into a serious fight and get hurt and win narrowly, you don't care if I'm a little better, you'll just be eager to prove yourself right. "

We are all very sure and clear that our parents love us, so they want us to have decent and stable jobs; they do not allow us to go far away; they do not want us to stay outside for too long, for fear of not being safe; we do not like our "not doing our job" and do not make us look "bad".

they say: "when you are thirty, when you have children, you will understand why we restrict you."

because I lost my "20 years old", I couldn't go to "30 years old".

We can only fail young people and gradually become middle-aged people who fail.

get used to being arranged and become cowardly and independent;

even when traveling alone, you can't even plan well.

in our teens and twenties, what we want is not "all", but to try to perceive the world on our own, to try something new, and to slowly figure out what can make us a little happier in this world.

by then, even if we still encounter some difficulties, we will be happier than we have been arranged. at least we will have a "me" in our twenties.

after all,

A lot of things, do not wait for 30 years old, do not start to regret.