Spending only 600 yuan a month on living expenses is nothing to be proud of.

Spending only 600 yuan a month on living expenses is nothing to be proud of.
You don't have to lose the family.

on Weibo the other day, a reader asked me in private.

while thinking about the answer, it also brought me back to September four years ago.

this is a very embarrassing number, a little more than 1000, less than 1500, and a far cry from 2000.

all in all, with such a 90% discount, I have an average of 40 yuan a day.

in the urban area of a second-tier city, I think this kind of food and beverage expenditure is not excessive, but if I want to maintain this eating habit and have no other income, I will only have a disposable fee of 10 yuan a day.

eating out of school is a luxury;

falling in love? I can't even think about it.

but as an ordinary person coming out of examination-oriented education, all he can do is hand out flyers and play dolls, something new is the extras with no lines and no features in some unknown domestic TV series.

but I have to admit that this may be the only way most people can increase their living expenses a little.

because I like singing, later I began to join clubs, form bands and take part in all kinds of performances at school.

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after the game, I took a photo with a famous teacher backstage. After that, he asked me, "have you studied vocal music systematically before?"

"I'm not saying polite words. Your expressiveness is excellent and your singing background is good. It's a waste not to learn." He looked at me seriously and said to me, "if you want to learn, you can contact me and help you find a reliable teacher."

but when I say the word "consider", I know better than anyone that there is no need to think about it.

so I can only follow video tutorials on the Internet, using incorrect methods, fumbling for breath and vocal skills, and once hurt my throat.

but in fact, most of the time, you have to rely on money to do what you like.

those who take detours because they have no money;

to be honest, I envy those around me who don't have to worry about living expenses.

perhaps it is a hangover from the last era, and in the eyes of many people, spending money is simply a kind of original sin.

my mother smiled and said nothing, and she continued, "I only give Ajie 600 yuan a month, and he can have a good time."

I think everyone knows that the prices of goods have long been marked, and they will not be reduced because of anyone's poverty. The quality of life of 600 yuan a month is doomed to be "interesting".

after a long time, I chatted with Ah Jie and asked him, "what do you usually do at school?"

when he was asked if he was bored staying in the dormitory every day, he replied lightly: "I can only make a phone call, mainly to save money by staying in the dormitory."

in fact, from the beginning to the end, I don't think it's wrong to be poor, and there's nothing wrong with being frugal in order to bear the pressure of the family. Indeed, many times we have to kneel in front of life, bow to it, to endure life.

I'm afraid this is a sin.

although my family is not rich, because I like reading, there will be a bank card to buy books for me throughout the university.

my mother doesn't know much about these new things and will only ask me if this is useful.

she smiled and nodded every time, saying it doesn't matter, as long as it's useful.

so up to now, what I am most grateful for is her trust.

if my mother's generosity was an investment, it is now beginning to make a profit.

but in fact, money brings us more options and opportunities to jump over meaningless but restrictive barriers.

to put it bluntly, it takes our road to our goal from winding and twists and turns into a straight line as much as possible.

Don't worry about hitting the wall, let alone going the wrong way. You just need to run hard to get there before others.

my answer is, as much as parents can afford, the better, communicate with them more, to gain their trust.

otherwise you will really become the black sheep of the family.

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