Ten days after the closing of the Tokyo Olympic Games, she sold the medal.

Ten days after the closing of the Tokyo Olympic Games, she sold the medal.
Please remember, you just have to be kind, God has his own consideration.


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kind heart,

never expire

two days ago, I came across a piece of news on the Internet.

the beautiful athlete Maria (Andre Chuck), the silver medalist in the women's javelin at the Tokyo Olympic Games, auctioned her silver medal.

in order to raise 44000 euros, all of them were donated to an 8-month-old seriously ill baby boy whom she had never met.

I am very impressed with this Polish athlete because the gold medal in that competition is 28-year-old Liu Shiying.

in that game, Liu Shiying threw the best result of the season with the first shot of 66.34 meters.

and Maria then hit again and again, threw again and again, and finally failed to break Liu Shiying's performance.

after the game, Maria immediately came forward to hug Liu Shiying and said that he was convinced and happy that he was in the second place.

this is her only Olympic medal.

but she sold her silver medal only 10 days after the Olympic Games.

Maria said: a silver medal can save a life, rather than gathering dust in a cupboard.

the latter needs surgery for heart disease, which costs at least 280000 euros, and his parents have raised only half of the money.

as netizens said: no matter what race, what skin color, what country, love is always touching.

Havel once said:

We insist on one thing not because it will work, but because we firmly believe that it is the right thing to do.

We choose to be a good person, we choose to do good things, not in return, just because it is right.

kindness is the common emotion of human beings. Regardless of race, gender, belief, class, goodness is the blending point in the depths of our souls.

although there are always many incredible bad people and bad things in this world that make us discouraged.

but there are always a lot of warm things that make us full of confidence in the world.

No matter who you meet, you can only walk into your heart if you have a conscience.

No matter what happens, a kind heart never expires.

if you do good to others, you will get something in return.

this morning, there was another piece of heart-warming news that went viral on Weibo.

Wu Wenting, a post-90s Yangzhou girl, works with her family to

@ Subei people's Hospital of Jiangsu Province

donated a negative pressure ambulance.

you read it correctly, just donated an ambulance.

you may think that this Wu Wenting is a rich second generation, but it is not.

it is understood that Wu Wenting works in the Yangzhou provident fund center with an annual income of about 50,000 yuan, and her parents are also ordinary office workers.

after the epidemic in Yangzhou, she was unable to join the volunteer team because she was quarantined in the hotel.

but the kind-hearted Wu Wenting has been thinking about doing something for Yangzhou.

when he learned that negative pressure ambulances could be used for isolation and transshipment, he did not hesitate to take out all his savings of more than 100000 yuan and bought a negative pressure ambulance worth 250000 with his cousin and parents. Donated to Subei people's Hospital in Jiangsu Province for free.

after the news came out, it moved many people.

some netizens said: take out the dowry book and donate a negative pressure ambulance! We should give likes to the people of Yangzhou under the epidemic.

Roman Roland said: kindness is not a kind of learning, but an act.

good people will be kind-hearted. When they see that others are in trouble, they will lend a helping hand. When they see the weak being bullied, they will come forward.

many people think that kind-hearted people will suffer, and they have a silly energy.

they can forget that there is cause and effect in the world, and God will judge good and evil, and the losses you suffer now will be doubled in the future.

A drop in the ocean of goodwill can also illuminate a dark valley.

for the rest of my life, but do good deeds, don't ask about the future, give people good, there will be something in return.

you just be kind, God has his own consideration

someone on Zhihu asked: what is goodness?

A highly liked answer is:

kindness is the virtue of life, the conduct of the world, the cleanliness of the heart, and the root of blessings.

people have good thoughts, God will bless them, do good deeds, form good karma, get good results, keep a good heart, just to live in peace of mind, and blessings will come naturally.

Shakespeare said:

A kind heart is gold. It can build a bridge of friendship, when you make a lot of contacts, you can naturally earn wealth.

people in this life, how far they can go, how high they can go, and whether they see spring flowers blooming or autumn leaves falling are often determined by their own character.

the blessings you enjoy at the moment are accumulated bit by bit in the past.

the causal reincarnation you enjoy in the future is all you sow in one day and one month.

some people say: life is the repetition of day after day; life is the reincarnation of a full moon without a full moon.

walk in the world, walk between heaven and earth, have a kind heart, be a grateful person.

Please remember, you just have to be kind. God has his own consideration.