Thank you for accompanying me all the way to lose, all the way to have

Thank you for accompanying me all the way to lose, all the way to have
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she kept telling me that she really wanted to go to Chongqing to see the Hongya Cave in the photo. So in the early hours of the night before the fourth anniversary, I bought a round-trip ticket to Chongqing, then told her to pack her bags during a video chat, and asked her to meet her at Baiyun Airport after work on Friday.

so it seems that since she arrived at Chongqing airport in the early hours of last night, she was there expecting me to post an earth-shaking circle of friends (this is just my feeling, which has not yet been confirmed), but until dawn, and when a new round of sunset sets on the riverside, I still haven't turned the so-called "fourth anniversary" into a circle of friends that everyone envies.

I don't show off, not because I want to hide something, nor because I'm tired of this daily show of love. I just want to spend more time and take this opportunity to think about what it means to be dating for four years.


frankly speaking, love can be really boring. I remember the first time we were holding hands when we were crossing the street. Before that, we walked aimlessly down the street for a long time, during which time she asked me, "where on earth are we going?"

I said, I don't know, just go.

she said, then I want to cross the street and have a look.

I said "yes" and took her by the hand, with ten fingers clasped.

although the road was no more than ten meters in a straight line, my hand could not stop shaking when it was released. I tried for a long time to calm it down, but to no avail.

I don't know if you will do the same. The first time you hold hands with someone you like, you all clasp your fingers. Although you clearly know that this is a laborious way of holding hands, you will not hesitate to declare "your own legitimacy" to passers-by on the street.

but with the increase of the number of hand-holding, the heart beats faster and the hand trembles, the probability of this situation is also decreasing one by one.

so now, we will no longer interlock our fingers when crossing the street, because I have chosen a safer way: let Vivi hold my right hand, and then I hold out my left hand to signal the traffic going slowly.

seems to be less intimate, and indeed less intimate.

all this seems to confirm that line: "having is the beginning of loss."

at that time, the curiosity and enthusiasm between the two seemed to be slowly worn away by four years, while the remaining interdependence and company after the halo faded, it seemed that it would be more appropriate to sum up the "affection" as we all understand.

I know that what people yearn for is the kind of love that can always maintain enthusiasm and freshness.

but I'll be honest, no matter how much you like someone in the first place. One afternoon in the future, a question will pop up in your head: will the one next to you really be the one I like most in my life?

and I know it because when the fourth anniversary approached, I asked myself the same question.

but my solution is funny. Instead of thinking hard about it, I just put the question to Vivi and ask her, "will you be the person I love most in my life?"

she said, "piss off, fool."

but after a few seconds, she seemed to notice my seriousness and added, "but you are by far my favorite person."

I was stupefied for a moment, and then I had to admit that I was a fool.


in fact, she was with me simply because she thought I was going to be great since junior high school. However, she did not think clearly about how to hurt the law.

so with a "give it a try" mentality, she agreed to my love.

but it is also because of this "try" that we have spent so many good and bad days together, and then ushered in our fourth anniversary on this day of 17 years.

so she said I was stupid because I forgot what belief we started with:

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in fact, we don't have to think about the long-term question of whether the person we like most in this life is you or not. because "try" only thinks about "so far".

so if both sides feel inappropriate at any moment, just stop and don't struggle too much.

but as long as the other person is still his or her favorite person at the moment, don't worry about it. All we have to do is work happily together and remove all the obstacles that stand in our way.

the obstacles here include the financial pressure that elders expect, maintaining a healthy life, the regret of "liking only one person in this life", and the disappointment caused by the other person's mistake.

I know this because I have experienced it, and I believe Vivi has experienced it.

but fortunately, we are a hard-working and lucky couple who do not flee in the face of these obstacles.


just an hour ago, I finally took her to the bottom of Hongya Cave and told her, "this is where I was when I took that picture of you six months ago."

"Ha, I'm here at last." She said, holding my hand as she was busy wiping off sweat.

then she took out her cell phone and planned to take a picture to post tonight's moments to prove that she had been here.

and I stood behind her and took a picture that I thought was beautiful, proving that I had liked it, and that I was still in love with it.


therefore, the greatest significance of this relationship, which has been in love for four years, is to make me accept the fact that "having is the beginning of loss".

because owning equals losing, eitherOnly by working hard can we get the opportunity to "have more happiness".

Thank you for accompanying me all the way to lose and have all the way. Good night.