The deterioration of all relationships between husband and wife begins with these two words.

The deterioration of all relationships between husband and wife begins with these two words.
In this life, it is not easy to meet each other, but it is even more difficult to know each other.

some people say:

"there are signs of a better relationship, such as frequent chats, sudden surprises, more and more companionship."

similarly, there is a reason why a relationship is starting to go bad.

it may be mutual suspicion that hurts the heart;

maybe it is selfishness that makes the relationship far away;

perhaps no longer cherish, there will be a parting.

the same is true of marriage. If husband and wife do not know how to manage and maintain, no matter how deep the relationship is, they will eventually fall apart.

after going through a long time in the world of mortals, I gradually understand that it makes people have a first acquaintance, not if it makes people feel bored for a long time.

No one "should" treat anyone well, only affection is deep enough

in the desolate world, how lucky it is to meet a person who is wholehearted to himself.

know you cold and warm, understand your joys and sorrows, give you to rely on, protect your integrity.

it's just that, like a fish swimming in the water, and forgetting that there is water, when people get used to each other's love and each other's good, they will take it for granted.

feel that all the efforts of the other party are their part;

take it for granted that all tolerance of the other party is the case;

it is only natural to think that all the affection of the other party is natural.

only ignored, no one can always maintain the enthusiasm not to be cherished and not to be responded.

for a long time, feelings hurt, people tired, heart cold, is the time to leave.

emotional world, after all, it is difficult to support alone.

No matter how deep love is, no matter how warm the heart is, it will die of the word "should".

remember that someone once said:

"in a relationship, he is willing to give; for you, you can't take it as an ideal, of course."

indeed, if no one is good, it must be necessary and necessary.

is good for you, just because you are really important.

therefore, cherish the person who is willing to love you, no matter how long, do not forget the original affection, no matter how good the feelings, do not forget the positive response.

only when we cherish each other can we end up forever.

Don't worry about it all the time. Tolerance is the medicine to warm the heart

read a paragraph:

"when we fall in love, we think that as long as we fall in love, we can go through all the storms in the future hand in hand.

when we really reach the threshold of marriage, we realize that we can cross the highest mountain and the deepest river, but we can't cross the slightest dislike between your eyebrows and eyes. "

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it is true that many marriages are separated because they are less tolerant of each other.

I don't think you are romantic enough, you blame me for not being gentle enough.

I think you are too lazy, you blame me for nagging.

but in fact, people are not saints, who can make mistakes?

in this world, there has never been a so-called perfect partner, all the feelings that can go to white head, there must be mutual respect and tolerance in the process.

as the book intimacy says:

"No one will meet all our needs, no one will make us happy, and no one is responsible for our injuries.

after looking around, we finally understand that the causes and consequences of all our life experiences can only exist in one place-in our hearts. "

less calculation, more warmth; less blame, more sweetness.

he doesn't know how to be romantic, so he can make you act coquettish; she doesn't know how to comfort you, as long as she can keep you down-to-earth.

husband and wife, know how to tolerate, in order to complete the mission!

Don't overestimate, your place in the hearts of others

there is an old Chinese saying: love is not longevous, wisdom is bound to hurt.

all things in life follow the principle of "things go to the extreme".


with too much affection, too much expectation, blindly "overestimate" your position in the hearts of others, you will only get hurt in the end.

once heard a particularly cruel saying:

"Don't test your relationship with anything, because it can't stand any test at all."

Love or marriage, there are not so many feelings that are stronger than gold, more than turning around, and more than brushing shoulders.

so, treat a relationship, love to eight points can, do not expect, do not overestimate, do not force.

learn to look down on the cold state of the world, but also look down on the joys and sorrows of this world, when you can be close and close, love and hate at will, you will not cling to anyone, will not be obsessed with who, but the other person will love you more.

Qiong Yao said:

"as long as two feelings please each other, it doesn't matter if there is no light, but marriage requires down-to-earth, joys and sorrows, joys and sorrows, hand in hand with lovers for the rest of their lives."

in the adult world, you think less, be more pragmatic, take less for granted, and communicate more.

in this way, plain and real, the relationship is the most meaningful.

Zhou Guoping has a famous saying:

"for interpersonal relationships, I have gradually summed up a principle, that is, mutual respect, closeness and closeness."

it is not easy to meet each other in this life, but it is even more difficult to get to know each other.

so more need to cherish, with sincerity and sincerity to be grateful for every encounter and every relationship.

, may you and I learn to be grateful and support each other with our loved ones.Be tolerant and make the marriage happier.

from then on hand in hand, side by side, see the prosperity of the world, but also keep the world insipid, Enron!

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