The fate of cheating: is there really an ideal marriage in this world?

The fate of cheating: is there really an ideal marriage in this world?
Cheating is a complicated thing.

meet Zhang Xiaoxian

Zhang Xiaoxian, a well-known writer in Hong Kong and a love confidant of Chinese people all over the world. in the early 1990s, he became famous for serializing "the woman on the Bread Tree". She depicts the heat and cooling of love in her novels and pours out her lover's smiles and tears in prose. so far, she has published more than 40 novels and essays, which have been well received by readers.

about love, when she says love, we also grow up

about marriage, she says waiting is both giving and receiving

about getting along, she says that we know because of love.

she understands the twists and turns in love and the infatuation and ties in the world of mortals. She raises love to the same level as life, but she is like a good friend to comfort. In the concise words, she shows her originality and profundity.

talk about lovers: at the right time, it can't be the wrong person; at the wrong time, it can't be the right person. The so-called right or wrong may be just a meaningless sigh, or even an excuse. You're right, and the time is right.

talk about marriage: it is said that marriage is the tomb of love, so it is more cost-effective to wait until you are older.

"meet Zhang Xiaoxian" is to let you grow up slowly and learn to understand, from loving love to loving yourself. when you face these emotional problems again, you will become more calm and confident.

"affection is not a burden, but a burden. Everything will be disillusioned, love will grow old one day, a responsible man will not be bad to you, it is worth you side by side with him . " -- Zhang Xiaoxian's Manifesto on Love

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